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Ype of groove used in iron face structure. More pronounced than traditional "V" grooves. See "Square Groove."
Ultralight Shaft
A class of composite shafts that weigh less than 2.00 ounces or 65 grams.
To straighten the wrists in the downswing.
To use a club that does not give the distance required for the shot.
Using a club that does not give the needed distance
The rubber or paper material onto which a leather grip is wrapped.
Same as backspin.
Unfit for Play
If the ball is badly cut or damaged then it can be replaced as long as you consult with your marker.
A shaft in which one model can be used to build one entire set of irons or a one model may be used to build a full set of woods through successive trimming of the shaft tip section.
Unloading (Shaft Unloading)
The point of maximum energy release as a shaft is swung.
Unplayable Lie
A lie from which it's impossible to play the ball, such as when it's wedged between two rocks. The player is allowed to drop the ball, incurring a one-stroke penalty.
Unstitched Buffing Wheel
Type of wheel (approximately 6” in diameter) used along with a bench grinder and Glanz Wach to add a high luster to polyurethane-coated club heads.
A specified number of strokes you are ahead of your opponent in match play.
Up and Down
Getting out of trouble or out of a hazard and into the hole.
Up Final Strides
Won the race in the final stage.
Uphill Lie
A lie on which a right-handed golfer's left foot is higher than the right foot.
Upright Lie
A club’s lie that is more upright than the standard specification for that particular head. For example, a 62 degree head would be 2 degrees upright if the stated specification was originally 60 degrees.
Upright Swing
A swing in the club head is carried directly backward and upward from the ball, with little deviation from the center.
A synthetic cover material of a golf ball that is durable, yet that produces a soft feel. Urethane cover balls are typically among the more expensive balls on the market, but are gaining popularity among professional golfers due to their playability.
United States Golf Association.
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