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Vardon Grip
The overlapping grip, so called because it was popularized by the great English golfer, Harry Vardon, early in the 20th century.
Variable Face
A golf club face (either in a wood or an iron) that exhibits a different face thickness on one or more areas of the face. Typically, variable face irons have thicker faces toward the sole, while variable face woods usually have thinner face perimeters and thicker centers.
Variable Speed
Term given to a machine, such as a drill or drill press, that can be run at more than one speed. Slow speeds are better for cutting metals, while faster speeds drill wood more efficiently.
The speed of a golf ball. Also known as initial velocity, the USGA limits conforming balls to velocities of no more than 250 feet per second (76.2m/s) as measured on USGA test equipment. A 2% tolerance is allowed at a test temperature of 23 degrees Celsius +/-1.
Vertical Flow Weighting
The method of flow weighting in which the weight moves vertically from a concentration of weight toward the sole of long irons to more traditional weighting on short irons.
Very Lightweight Shaft
A weight classification of shafts that falls within 3.40-3.79 ounce weight range for steel or alloy shafts and 2.00-3.19 ounces for composite shafts.
Eneric term applied to Variable Face Technology. See "Rebound Effect" and "Trampoline Effect." Also the name given to a line of Callaway woods and irons.
Vinyl Shaft Clamp
Type of clamp used to hold a club in a vise. The clamp holds the club by the shaft; the fact it is made of vinyl (or rubber) prevents damage to the shaft.
Viscoelastic Material
A proprietary material used by the Cleveland Golf Company to assist in providing vibration absorption in their patented VAS™ clubs.
Vise Pad(s)
Typically made of wood covered by thick felt, vise pads are used to secure a club head in a vise without damaging it during work on the club. May also be made of hard rubber.
A numerical designation given to the size of a wood head as measured by liquid displacement.
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