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Race Call
The description of a race while it is in process
Race Caller
The person who describes the race at a racecourse.
Racing Commission
A state or county regulatory agency that oversees all aspects of greyhound racing.
Racing Secretary
The track official whose major functions include determining how many races of each grade are to be run over each distance for any given performance and conducting the random draw for post position.
The inside race strip where the mechanical lure runs around the track.
Restricted Races
Races which only certain horses are eligible.
The dividend you receive on a particular bet.
Reverse Forecast
A bet placed on two greyhounds - to cross the finish line in any order. (USA, Quiniela).
A greyhound (or horse) entered in a race under another's name - usually a good runner replacing a poorer one.
Rocky Mountain
A participant in a race. Synonym: starter.
Running Rail
The rail that defines the track configuration.
Rural Rube Award
Award Given each year to the nation's top sprint (5/16-mile) greyhound by the National Greyhound Association; named for an outstanding sprinter of the late 1930s.
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