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Each Way
UK term for betting on a horse to win and/or 'Place'. An each way bet is when you have the same amount on the horse for a win and for a place. Bookmakers will give you one quarter of the win odds for a place in fields of eight or more and one third of the win odds in fields of six or seven horses.
Each Way Double
Two separate bets of a win double and a place double.
Each Way Odds
Four to one ( now $5.00 ) with the bookmakers because if the horse does not win but finishes second or third, the punter's wager is refunded in full and the punter does not lose on the race.
Each Way Single
Two bets. The first is for the selection to win; the second for it to be placed (each way).
Early Foot
Good speed at the start of a race.
A piece of equipment that covers a horse's ears to prevent it from hearing distracting sounds.
The amount of purse money earned by a horse in pari-mutuel races. Earnings are usually categorized by earnings in a given year versus lifetime earnings.
Ease Up
To slow a horse's stride, sparing exertion.
Chart caller's assessment of a horse that is being deliberately slowed by the jockey to prevent injury or harm to the horse.
A horse running or winning without being pressed by the jockey or opposition.
Eclipse Award
Thoroughbred racing's year-end awards, honoring the top horses and humans in several categories. They honor the great 18th century racehorse and sire, Eclipse, who was undefeated in 18 career starts and sired the winners of 344 races. The Eclipse Awards are sponsored by the Thoroughbred Racing Associations, Daily Racing Form and National Turf Writers Association. They were first given out in 1971; previously, separate year-end champions were named by Daily Racing Form (beginning in 1936) and the Thoroughbrd Racing Assoications (beginning in 1950). Any Eclipse Award winner is referred to as a "champion." See Appendix for a list of Eclipse Award winners.
Eee (Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis)
One of several different types of encephalomyelitis that are extremely contagious, causing sickness and death in horses by affecting the central nervous system. EEE is spread by mosquitoes and can affect humans. Can be prevented by annual vaccinations.
1/8 = 1 furlong = 220 yards = 600 feet.
Eighth Pole
The colored pole at the inside rail 1 furlong from the finish wire.
Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage. See bleeder.
Qualified to start in a race, according to conditions.
The area where the Runners gather for viewing before and after the race.
An instrument used for direct visual inspection of a hollow organ or body cavity such as the upper airway or stomach. A "fiber optic endoscope" is comprised of a long, flexible tube that has a series of lenses and light at the end to allow the veterinarian to view and photograph the respiratory system through the airway. Other internal organs may be viewed through a tiny surgical opening. A "video endoscope" has a small camera at the tip of the instruments.
A stake nomination; a riding commitment by a jockey.
To enroll a race animal in a race.
An ungelded horse. In Europe, where geldings are not permitted to enter certain races, the race conditions might read Entire colts and fillies.
Entrance Fee
Money paid to enter a race animal in a stake race, usually referred to as nomination payments.
Entrapped Epiglottis
A condition in which the thin membrane lying below the epiglottis moves up and covers the epiglottis. The abnormality may obstruct breathing. Usually treated by surgery to cut the membrane if it impairs respiratory function.
Two or more horses with common ownership (or in some cases trained by the same trainer) that are paired as a single betting unit in one race and/or are placed together by the racing secretary as part of a mutuel field. Rules on entries vary from state to state. Also known as a "coupled entry."
Entry (Program)
Two or more horses owned and/or trained by the same person, entered in the same race and coupled for betting. This combination of horses would be seen as one betting interest.
Entry (Racing Office)
The act of a horsemen subscribing a horse to a race.
Entry Clerk
An employee of the Racing Office who takes the entries from the horsemen.
Entry Fee
A fee paid by an owner to enter his horse in a stakes event.
A triangular-shaped cartilage that lies at the base of the airway just in front of the arytenoid cartilages which cover the airway during swallowing. It is normally located above (dorsal) the soft palate.
An inflammation in the growth plate (physis) at the ends of the long bones (such as the cannon bone). Symptoms include swelling, tenderness and heat. Although the exact cause is unknown, contributing factors seem to be high caloric intake (either from grain or a heavily lactating mare) and a fast growth rate.
See bleeder.
Equibase (Company)
A partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations to establish and maintain an industry-owned, central database of racing records. Equibase past-performance information is used in track programs across North America.
See bandage; bar shoe; bit; blinkers; bridle; earmuffs; halter; hood; nose band; overcheck; overgirth; reins; saddle cloth; saddle pad; shadow roll; shank; stirrups; tongue tie.
Equipment Change
Sometimes a factor in handicapping, the announcement of a horse's change in equipment from the last time he raced. An example would be a horse who ran without blinkers the last time out and is wearing blinkers in this race.
Equivalent Odds
Mutuel price horses would pay for each $1 bet.
Escape Turn
At a greyhound racetrack, the first turn of the racetrack after the front stretch.
Estrous Cycle
The length of time between consecutive ovulations.
Estrus (Heat)
Associated with ovulation; a mare usually is receptive to breeding during estrus. Referred to as "horsing."
Eva (Equine Viral Arteritis)
A highly contagious disease that is characterized by swelling in the legs of all horses and swelling in the scrotum of stallions. Can cause abortion in mares and can be shed in the semen of stallions for years after infection.
Even Money
A betting term wherein you are betting $2 to win $2.
Even Money Bet (Or Evens)
A 1:1 bet. A $10 wager wins $10.
A horse running so as to neither gain nor lose position or distance.
This is a form of betting in which a player attempts to pick winner and second horse in a race, buying one mutuel ticket on the choice.
Exacta (Or Perfecta)
A wager in which the first two finishers in a race, in exact order of finish, must be picked. Called an "exactor" in Canada.
Exacta Box
A wager in which all possible combinations using a given number of horses are bet on. The total number of combinations can be calculated according to the formula x2-x, where x equals the amount of horses in the box. Example boxing four horses would actually be 12 combinations (42-4). To arrive at the cost of the wager, multiply the total combinations by the cost of the individual wager.
Exacta Pool
The sum total of all money bet on exactas in a given race.
The Canadian word for Exacta.
Exactor Pool
The Canadian phrase for Exacta Pool.
Withdrawal from a race (sometimes on a veterinarian's recommendation) with consent of stewards.
Exercise Boy/Girl
A rider in a training workout.
Exercise Rider
Rider who is licensed to exercise a horse during its morning training session.
Exotic (Wager)
Any wager other than win, place or show. For the mathematically inclined, the amount of combinations in any exotic wager can be figured by the formula n!/(n-a!), where n is the number of horses in your wager and a is the number of finishers in the wager (two in an exacta, three in a trifecta, etc.)
Exotic Wagers
Any bets other than straight win, place and show bets. The term comes from the philosophy that it's tough enough to pick one horse, let alone more than one. Sometimes referred to as gimmick bets.
Experimental Free Handicap
A year-end projection of the best North American two-year-olds of the season, put together by a panel, under the auspices of The Jockey Club, that is based on performances in unrestricted races. Two lists are drawn up, one for males and one for females.
The amount of money one actually stands to lose on a game or race.
To force a horse to go all out.
Forced to run at top speed.
Extensor Tendon
Extends the knee (carpus) joint, ankle joint, pastern and foot and flexes the elbow. The muscles begin above the knee and attach to the coffin and pastern bones.
Extra Weight (Added Weight)
More weight than conditions of race require.
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