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To anesthetize a horse's painful feet or legs by standing in ice.
1) A physical therapy procedure, properly known as "cryotherapy." 2) When a horse is stood in a tub of ice or ice packs are applied to the legs to reduce inflammation and/or swelling.
Abbreviation for intra-muscular; an injection given in a muscle.
A type of colic caused by a blockage of the intestines by ingested materials (constipation).
Weight carried or assigned to a race horse.
In Foal
A mare being pregnant.
In Hand
Running under moderate control, at less than best pace.
In Light
A term referring to a horse carrying relatively little weight.
In the Bridle
See on the bit.
In the Money
A race animal finishing first, second or third in a race.
In Tough
A situation where a horse is entered with horses it is unlikely to beat.
The proper term for a horse which is checked.
Indian File
When a field of horses race in single file, one behind the other.
Inferior Check Ligament
A direct continuation of the posterior (back) ligaments of the knee (carpus), located below the knee. Function is in support of the deep flexor tendon.
The area on the inner circumference of the track, where grass and jump races are run and the tote board is found.
Infield Racing (Sport)
Turf racing.
Stewards may conduct an inquiry as a result of any incident which may have occurred during a race, to determine whether or not certain drivers and/or horses were responsible for the incident and whether they should receive due punishment. Inquiries are also conducted if a horse returns a positive drug swab, or if a licensed person does not conduct themselves in a manner which brings credit to the industry.
Insensitive Laminae
The layer just under the wall of the hoof; similar to the human fingernail. It is an integral structure that helps to attach the hoof wall to the underlying coffin bone.
In the United States, anything to the left of a horse during a race. In some countries outside of the U.S. where the race is run in the opposite direction it would be anything to the right of the horse. Also used to refer to the position closest to the rail.
Inside or Outside White Heel (Leg Markings)
The area above the back of the hoof on either the inside or outside of the leg, is white.
Inside Rail
The fence or structure separating racing strip from infield.
Inter Dominion
The most famous and coveted of all harness racing carnivals. Horses from all over Australia and New Zealand vie for the title of Inter Dominion champion. The series is a test of speed and stamina, and consists of three qualifying heats, with the highest point scorers qualifying for the final. The Inter Dominion is held at metropolitan tracks on a rotating basis between major tracks in Australia and New Zealand.
Inter-State (Wagering)
Wagering on a simulcast of a race from another state.
Inter-Track (Wagering)
Wagering on a simulcast of a race from another track within the state.
Within a joint.
A horse which often does things wrong, like breaking, pulling or hanging during a race, or is very difficult to keep under control.
A stake race, where the field is comprised only of horses that were invited to race by the Racing Secretary.
Irish Rail
Moveable rail.
The stirrups on a saddle.
Deficiency of blood supply, which may be temporary or permanent. Caused by the shutting down of the blood vessels.
Isolation Barn
A facility used to separate sick horses from healthy ones.
Intertrack wagering.
Abbreviation for intravenous; an injection given in the vein.
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