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Jack Spavin
See bone spavin.
Refers to the requirement that a horse which has been claimed that next runs in a claiming race must run for a claiming price 25 percent higher for the next 30 days. Commonly used in the phrase The horse is in (out of) jail.
As a noun, a race rider; as a verb, to maneuver for position during a race.
Jockey Agent
A person who helps a rider obtain mounts in return for 20% or more of the rider's earnings.
Jockey Club
An organization that maintains the American Stud Book and approves thoroughbred names and registry. Not to be confused with the Jockey Club in England, where the Jockey Club is the governing body of British racing.
Jockey Fee
Sum paid to rider for competing in a race.
Jockey's Guild
This is a national association of race riders.
Jockey's Race
A race whose outcome will hinge mostly on strategic thinking by the riders; i.e., one in which riders must pay close attention to pace to keep their horses fresh for a strong finish.
A slow easy gait, usually a trot, used primarily to warm up horses before a race or workout.
1) See musculoskeletal system. For injuries, see "Joint Injuries" subsection of "Musculoskeletel System" in veterinary supplement for a more detailed explanation. 2) See battery.
Joint Capsule
The structure that comprises the boundary to the joint space.
To bump another horse during a race.
A full-fledged professional jockey.
The person who decides the official placings and margins for each race or trial. They are also responsible for deciding who the placegetters are in the event of a photo finish or developed print.
Jump Up
A term that refers to a horse that wins in a surprising reversal of form.
Steeplechase or hurdle horse.
Junior Driver
A driver under the age of 23.
Junior Driver Concessions
Available in NSW to drivers under the age of 23 who have not driven a total of 25 winners at Harold Park Monday or Tuesday meetings, all other NSW tracks and other non-metropolitan tracks. These concessions are only available at Harold Park Friday night meetings when a junior driver has not driven five winners at such meetings or other metropolitan meetings. Trainers can use junior driver concessions (in races so marked) to gain entry to races they may not have been eligible for and/or to draw more favourably.
A two-year-old horse.
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