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This indicates that the horse/s in question is excluded right from the barrier draw in Mobile or Standing Start Events (wherever applicable).
A classic race restricted to three-year-old fillies.
A verbal or written statement against the eligibility of a horse for a particular race, or one made against the judge's placings in a race, after the all clear has been signalled (as opposed to a protest, in which the complaint is lodged before the all clear has been signalled).
Objection Sign
A sign displayed on the tote board to indicate a foul has been claimed.
Oblique (Fracture)
Fracture at an angle.
Ocd Lesion
A cartilaginous or bony lesion that is the result of a failure in development.
Number indicating amount of profit per dollar to be paid to holders of winning pari-mutuels tickets.
Odds Board
A large signboard in the infield in front of the grandstand where the odds are posted, usually in lights. Other information may be listed, all part of the tote board.
Odds on
This a bet where you have to outlay more than you win. For example, if a horse is two to one on ( now $1.50 ) you have to outlay two dollars to win one dollar and your total collect if the horse wins is three dollars. That is made up of your original two dollars and the one dollar you win.
Odds of less than even money. In England it is simply called "on," thus a horse "5-4 on" is actually at odds of 4-5.
Outside draw mobiles. Horses which are required to requalify before competing again in registered races, may also be excluded from the barrier draw for future events and classified ODM, which means it will automatically be drawn in an outside barrier (such as barrier ten off the second row). A trainer may also request that a horse be declared ODM if they believe it is in the best interests of the horse and other runners.
Outside draw stands. (Similar to ODM, but in relation to standing start events).
Off Bell
The bell that rings at the start of a race, shutting off the betting.
Off Side
The right side of a horse.
Off the Board
When the odds against a horse are more that 99-1; failure to finish in the money.
Off the Pace
To run behind the early leaders.
Off Track
An off track refers to a wet racing surface.
A racing surface that is not fast - muddy, sloppy, holding, binding or soft.
Off-Track Betting
Wagering at legalized betting outlets usually run by the tracks, management companies specializing in parimutuel wagering, or, in New York State, by independent corporations chartered by the state. Wagers at OTB sites are usually commingled with on-track betting pools.
The designation given to the result of a race by the stewards/racing judges when any occurrences that affected the actual order of finish have been decided in terms of pari-mutuel payoffs to winning bettors.
Official Margins
The length each horse in a race finished behind the winner, as determined by the judge. Official margins between the first and second placegetter, and second and third placegetter, are displayed for public viewing at the paceway.
Official Results
See official.
Persons licensed by the state to ensure the rules of racing are enforced.
Oiled (Oiling)
Administration of mineral oil via nasogastric tube to relieve gas or pass blockage. Preventative procedure commonly used in long van rides to prevent impaction with subsequent colics. See colic.
On the Bit
When a horse is eager to run. Also known as "in the bridle."
On the Board
Finishing among the first three.
On the Fence/Rails
A horse racing in a position next to the inside running rail.
On the Muscle
Denotes a fit horse.
On the Nose
Betting a horse to win only.
On the Pace
A horse which is keeping up with the runner which is determining the speed of the race. It means it's right up there with a good chance of winning. In contrast, a horse which is just off the pace, is one which is slightly out of touch, but still has some chance of winning.
On the Paint
A horse racing very close to the inside running rail, almost scraping the paint off the rails so to speak.
One Back
The runners behind the leader and the death horse are referred to as being one back. The horses behind these runners would be two back and so on.
One Out
The runners behind the horse in the one-one position are normally referred to as being one out (and two, three or four back etc, depending on its position). Similarly, a horse racing on the outside of the horse in the one-one, would be classified as being two out, a runner outside of this horse would be three out and so on.
Open Class
Horses, generally four years of age and older, which compete in races open to the most well-performed horses.
Open Fracture
See compound fracture.
Open Knee
A condition of young horses in which the physis of the knee has not closed; an immature knee. Often used to describe the status of the physis immediately above the knee and is an indicator of long bone growth in two-year-olds.
Open Race
A race with wide open eligibility conditions, permitting entry of a wide variety of horses.
Optional Claimer
A race for horses entered to be claimed at a fixed price or a price within a limited range.
See arthritis.
This is an arthritis of the fetlock joint that causes the ankle to become enlarged and out of shape. Firing or blistering and rest is the method of treating this condition.
A permanent form of arthritis with progressive loss of the articular cartilage in a joint. See degenerative joint disease.
Abbreviation for off-track betting.
An outstanding uncashed pari-mutuel ticket.
Out of Line
Price not consistent with a horse's ability.
Out of Position
A horse which is not in its designated barrier position at the start of a mobile event is deemed to have been out of position at the start.
Out of the Money
When a horse does not finish in the first three for the bettors.
The person who leads the post parade at a horse racetrack and gets the horses and jockeys to the starting gates on time. The outriders also catch any loose horses on the track.
Outside Draw
The barrier positions furthest away from the inside running rail. For instance, in a ten horse standing start event, barrier six on the front line or barrier ten on the second line, would be considered an outside draw.
Outside Drive
A driver who regularly drives for his own stable, or that of another trainer, who is employed to drive a pacer for someone else, is considered to have picked up an outside drive.
Outside Fence
The outside running rail, closest to the spectators.
Outstanding Ticket
A winning pari-mutuel ticket that has not yet been cashed; also known as uncashed tickets or outs.
Over at the Knee
A leg that looks like it has a forward arc with its center at the knee when viewed from the side.
Toe of hind shoe striking forelegs on heel, or back of coronet.
Overall Time
This is the time taken to complete the distance of the race, as opposed to the mile rate.
A strap that holds the bit in place.
An elastic band that goes completely around a horse, over the saddle, to keep the saddle from slipping.
Racing wide throughout, outside of other horses.
A horse going off at a higher price than he appears to warrant based on his past performances.
The sheet available to horsemen at the racing secretary's office showing the entries, post positions, weights and jockeys for the next race day.
Overnight Line
Approximate odds quoted the night before the race.
Overnight Race
A race in which entries close a specific number of hours before running (such as 48 hours), as opposed to a stakes race for which nominations close weeks and sometimes months in advance.
Overnight Stake
A race designed by the racing secretary for the local race horse. These races usually have smaller purses and small nominating fees.
The sheets of paper listing entries for the following day.
A case where the price paid to winning ticket-holders is more than the correct price, due to computer or human error.
The pounds that a horse carries in excess of its officially assigned weight because the jockey is too heavy.
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