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Random Barrier Draw: Indicates a random or non-preferential barrier draw.
This indicates that the horse in question is excluded right outside the barrier draw in Mobile or Standing Start Events (wherever applicable).
A horse that is considered to have little chance of winning a race but is entered purely to ensure a fat pace and tire out the other front-runners, softening up the competition for the benefit of an entrymate.
Race Call
The description of a race while it is in process, which includes such things as the positions of the runners at different stages, any moves made by drivers, and any incidents that occur. A race is called or described by a race caller.
Raced Outside
See the death.
Racing Association
A company that holds a license from the state racing commission to operate a pari-mutuel racetrack.
Racing Commission
An appointed body of men and women which governs and polices racing where legislation has been passed to permit use of the pari-mutuels system in connection with horse racing.
Racing Conditions
The physical conditions involved in a race.
Racing Dates
Specific dates allotted to horse and dog tracks to conduct business by racing commissions charged with granting licenses and monitoring the conduct of these tracks in conformation with the official rules of racing in their states.
Racing Judge
A greyhound racing official who presides over a race meeting, has jurisdiction over all racing officials, rules on protests, and imposes fines and suspensions. In Texas, all three racing judges presiding at a race meeting are Commission employees.
Racing Plate
A very light horseshoe with a toe grab or cleat for better traction.
Racing Secretary
The racing official who writes the conditions for the races, assigns the weights for handicap races, receives entries, conducts the draw, and is responsible for the operation and organization of the race office.
Racing Sound
A horse able to race and pass all veterinarian test, but not 100%.
Radial Paralysis
This condition causes the horse to have a partially paralyzed foreleg and is due to an injured radial nerve. When this occurs, the horse has great difficulty bringing the affected leg forward.
The picture or image on film generated by x-rays.
A barrier that forms the inside and outside perimeter of the racing surface. Also, at a greyhound racetrack, the metal strip that runs alongside the inside of the track on which the lure operates.
Rail Runner
A race animal that prefers to run next to the inside rail.
Rails Run
A horse can be stuck on the fence behind the leader, with other runners behind and next to it, and unable to get a clear run to the finish line. However, sometimes the leader will move out wider on the track when under pressure in the run home, enabling the horse to scoot through along the rail to the finish line
Raised Bar
Bar plate which helps prevent running down.
A horse that refuses to settle under a jockey's handling in a race, running in a headstrong manner without respect to pace.
To restrain a horse early in a race, conserving its energies for later challenges.
Relating to the mile rate that a horse records over any race distance. Say a horse records a mile rate of 2:00.1 in a 2113 metre race, it is said to have rated 2:00.1 over 2113 metres.
Used in the expression He likes to hear his feet rattle, a horse that likes a firm turf course.
Receiving Barn
Where horses stabled at other tracks are kept before they go to the paddock for their races. After the race, horses that get tagged for testing report here.
Red Board
Old-time method of declaring a race official, by posting a red flag or board on the tote board.
1) Old-time method of declaring a race official, by posting a red flag or board on the tote board. 2) A mildly derogatory phrase used to describe someone who claims to have selected the winner-but always after the race.
1) When a horse will not break from the gate. 2) In jumping races, balking at a jump.
Long straps, usually made of leather, that are connected to the bit and used by the jockey to control the horse.
Reinsman / Reinswoman
Another term for driver.
Relegation Rule
A rule which gives Stewards the power to relegate a horse/s to a different finishing position, should they believe, for example, it destroyed the chances of another runner which would have definitely finished ahead of it.
Films of races played back for the benefit of fans and officials after the completion of a race.
A horse which has raced intractably in a registered event, or causes a false start or behaves intractably at the start, may be barred from racing by the Stewards until it can perform satisfactorily in one or more qualifying trials. Once the horse has achieved this, the horse has requalified to start in registered events.
A minimum price, set by the consignor, for a horse in a public auction The horse did not reach its reserve.
Held for a particular engagement or race. Also, held off the pace.
Respiratory System
Organ system responsible for gas exchange from nostrils to lungs.
Restricted Races
Races which only certain horses are eligible for, meaning the race is restricted to a select group. A restricted race may be based on a horse's age, gender, winnings, or a combination of factors, for example, one that is restricted to two-year-old fillies only.
Restricted Stakes
A stakes race in which conditions limit the participants based upon certain criteria. The more common restricted stakes races are state-bred races and races written for horses purchased through or consigned to a certain sale.
Return to Scale
The period between the finish of the race and the signalling of the all clear. This term originated from the galloping code of racing, with jockeys having to return to the scale to check their weight before the all-clear for a race can be given.
Ridden Out
Finishing a race without rider urging him to do his utmost, even though he has a wide margin over the second horse.
Ride Short
Using short stirrup leathers.
This term describes a male horse that has not been castrated and has one testicle in his scrotum and one testicle undescended.
Ridgling ("Rig")
A term describing either a cryptorchid or monorchid. Also spelled "ridgeling."
Horseshoe with long cleats or grabs on outer rim.
Ring Bit
A special bit that looks like a ring going through a horses mouth. One piece construction allows for more control for the jockey.
Ring Bone
Osteoarthritis of joints between the pastern bones ("high ring bone") or just above the coronet ("low ring bone").
This is a boney enlargement that is seen in front and on both sides of the pastern. If it is under the top of the hoof, it is called a low ring bone. If it is found half way up the pastern, it is called a high ring bone. Firing or blistering and rest is the usual method of treatment.
A horse racing under the name and identity of another, or under a fictitious name.
"Reserve not achieved." See reserve.
A horse color where the majority of the coat of the horse is a mixture of red and white hairs or brown and white hairs. The mane, tail and legs may be black, chestnut or roan unless white markings are present. Starting with foals of 1993, the color classifications gray and roan were combined as "roan or gray." See gray.
This is a horse with paralyzed vocal chords. The condition causes a fluttering noise when the horse inhales and a grunt when the horse makes a quick move. It interferes with the horse's ability to race, especially in distance races.
Deep, prolonged cough, generally when a horse is galloping.
Roaring (Laryngeal Hemiplegia)
A whistling sound made by a horse during inhalation while exercising. It is caused by a partial or total paralysis of the nerves controlling the muscles which elevate the arytenoid cartilages which thereby open the larynx. In severe cases, a surgical procedure known as "tie-back surgery" (laryngoplasty) is performed, in which a suture is inserted through the cartilage to hold it out of the airway permanently. Paralysis almost exclusively occurs on the left side, most frequently in horses over 16 hands high.
An ill-tempered horse.
Rogue's Badge
Running (or winning) with utmost ease.
Round Robin
A series of parlay bets on more than one horse in each race, betting all horses in the parlays in every possible combination.
Round Worms (Ascarids)
These are long, white, round worms that live in the intestine of the horse. They cause colic and interfere with the digestion of food.
Broadly, a race distance of longer than 1- miles.
Route Race
A race run at a mile or longer, generally around two turns.
A race horse that performs well at longer distances.
Rear end of the field.
Ruled Off
When the stewards/racing judges or a racing association forbid a person to enter the grounds of the racetrack. Also known as an "exclusion".
Rules of Racing
Official rules approved by the body responsible for the conduct of racing in conformance with the legislation permitting these races to be held in most cases, a Racing Commission.
Run Down
A change of odds in a book making establishment caused by heavy betting on a horse or horses; Abrasion to the horses heel.
Run-Out Bit
A special type of bit to prevent a horse from bearing out (or in).
Of a horse, to suffer abrasions on the heels as a result of contact with the dirt and sand of the track surface.
Rundown Bandages
Bandages on the hind legs, usually with a pad inside, to keep a horse from scraping his heels when he runs.
Rundown Bandages (Or Wraps)
Bandages on the hind legs, usually with a pad inside, to keep a horse from "burning" or scraping his heels when he races.
Rundown Bandages (Wraps)
Bandages on the hind legs, usually with a pad inside, to keep a horse from burning or scraping its heels or fetlocks when it races.
A messenger who makes bets and cashes winning tickets for patrons of a track.
Running Double
You have to correctly select the winner in two consecutive races.
Running Line
Horses which are referred to as being in the running line are those racing behind the horses who occupy the death seat and one-one position. These horses are one out on the track and are racing with cover.
Running Rail
Another term for fence. It is the structure which acts as a barrier between the centre of the track (inside running rail) and the viewing facilities (outside running rail).
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