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Veterinary Medical Doctor.
An employee who takes care of a jockey's equipment, ensures that the correct silks are at the jockey's locker, and the jockey has the proper weight in the lead pad. The valet carries the saddle and equipment to the paddock, helps the trainer in saddling the horse, meets the jockey after the race, and carries the saddle and equipment back to the jockey's room after the jockey has weighed in.
Van (The)
Front of field. Head end.
Vee (Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis)
A highly contagious disease affecting the central nervous system that can cause illness or death in horses and humans.
Down; toward the belly.
Vet's List
List of ill or injured horses declared ineligible for racing by the track veterinarian.
Commission The commission (or board) veterinarian, sometimes referred to as the state veterinarian, is usually appointed by the state racing commission. This person serves as professional adviser and consultant to the State Racing Commission on veterinary matters including all regulatory aspects of the application and practice of veterinary medicine at the track. Association Sometimes referred to as the track veterinarian, this person is employed by the racing association and serves as a professional adviser and consultant to the racing association and its operational staff at the track. Practicing Private practitioner employed by owners and trainers on an individual case or contract basis.
Video Endoscope
See endoscope.
Video Patrol
The system by which video cameras are strategically placed around a racing oval to broadcast and record the running of each race from each possible angle.
Vocal Folds
The membranes attached to the arytenoid cartilages in the larynx. Vibration produces vocalization.
Volar Neurectomy (High Nerved)
This operation is performed on the volar nerve that lies between the bottom of the knee and the fetlock joint. Horses that have been high nerved are barred at most race tracks.
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