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Same as bet.
A type of bet offered at a racetrack.
Walk Hots
To cool a horse out after a workout or race.
Walking Ring
Oval near paddock enclosure, where horses walk and riders mount before the start of post parade.
Race which scratches down to only one starter who merely gallops required distance. A formal gesture required by rules of racing.
Warm Up
A slow gallop or canter to the starting point of the race.
Warming Up
Galloping horse on way to post.
Washed Out
A horse that becomes so nervous that it sweats profusely. Also known as "washy" or "lathered (up)."
Horse breaking out in nervous sweat before race, sometimes to the point it will be dripping from his belly.
A horse which started off well in a race and was in a position from which it could win, but could not keep up that pace or keep up with the pace of the other runners and dropped back in the field. That horse is said to have weakened.
A thoroughbred after being weaned and until he becomes a yearling on the New Year's Day following his foaling.
Swaying motion in stall, or act of threading way through field in race.
Weigh in
At a horse racetrack, the procedure where the clerk of scales, prior to the race, checks the weights of the jockeys and their riding equipment against the officially assigned weight for each horse in the race. At a greyhound racetrack, the procedure where the clerk of scales checks of the weight of greyhounds as they enter the lock out kennel before a race performance.
Weigh in (Out)
The certification, by the clerk of scales, of a rider's weight before (after) a race. A jockey weighs in fully dressed with all equipment except for his/her helmet, whip and (in many jurisdictions) flak jacket.
Weigh Out
The procedure where the clerk of scales, after the race, checks the weights of jockeys and their riding equipment against the officially assigned weight for each horse in the race. At a greyhound racetrack, the procedure where the clerk of scales checks of the weight of greyhounds as they leave the lock out kennel to enter the racetrack for a race.
How much weight a horse carries in a race is partly determined by its age and sex. Two and 3-year-olds carry less weight than older horses, and females carry less weight than males. These reductions or "allowances" are determined by a scale of weights that change depending on the time of year.
Weight Allowance
Weight permitted to be reduced because of the conditions of the race, such as a sex allowance or an apprentice allowance.
An allowance condition in which each entrant is assigned a weight according to its age. Females usually receive a sex allowance as well. (Compare with a handicap race.)
Weights (Saddle)
Lead slabs carried in the saddle to increase weight of jockey and tack.
Well Drawn
To be given a favourable starting position or barrier, that suits the way that particular horse runs. For instance, a horse which is a good beginner (has a lot of early speed) would be considered to be well-drawn in the front row.
Well Tried
A horse which has been well supported by punters.
Betting all possible combinations in an exotic wager using at least one horse as the key. See part wheel.
The act of giving birth to greyhounds.
An implement used by the driver to spur on the horse in the run to the finish line. Drivers will tap their horse with the whip when they want them to accelerate. A driver may only use the whip in an elbow action - upper arm action is not permitted.
This term describes a wheezing sound made by the horse as he runs when he is suffering form an inflammation of the respiratory tract.
A horse color, extremely rare, in which all the hairs are white. The horse's eyes are brown, not pink, as would be the case for an albino.
White Coronet (Leg Markings)
A small area, circling the leg immediately above the hoof, which is white.
White Heel (Leg Markings)
The area above the back of the hoof, extending from the inside to the outside of the leg, is white.
White Line
When looking at the sole of the foot, the thin area between the insensitive outer hoof wall (insensitive laminae) and the inner sensitive laminae.
White Pastern (Leg Markings)
The entire pastern is white.
White Pastern and Part of Ankle (Leg Markings)
The white marking extends up to and includes part of the ankle.
Cross the finish line first.
Win Bet
A wager that a horse will come in first in a race.
Win Pool
The total amount bet in any race on horse to win after the deduction of taxes and race track commissions.
Win Ticket
A pari-mutuel ticket purchased on a horse to win.
Wind Gall
See arthritis.
Wind Puff
See arthritis.
Wind Sucker
See cribber.
Breathing with difficulty after workout or race.
The place where a pari-mutuel clerk either sells tickets or cashes them.
A term describing a horse who places his upper incisor teeth on a ledge, presses down and swallows air at the same time. This habit makes an annoying noise.
Winner's Circle
The enclosure adjacent to the racing oval where a winning horse or greyhound is brought for a ceremonial win photo with the owner, trainer, and their friends.
Winner receiving all the purse or stakes.
Winning Post
The post, usually stipulating the name of the paceway, which marks exactly where the finish line is for all races at that track.
Another term for the finish line.
Area above the shoulder, where the neck meets the back.
Without Cover
To race in front of all other horses, without any protection from the wind resistance. A horse can be racing without cover if it is the leader, racing in the death seat, or racing out wide on the track.
A neurological disease due to compression of the spinal cord. Seen principally in 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds.
Wobbler Syndrome
Neurological disease clinically associated with general incoordination and muscle weakness. Can be caused by an injury to the spinal cord in the area of the cervical (neck) vertebrae or is associated with malformation of the cervical vertebrae.
Wolf Teeth
These are extra teeth found just forward to the first upper molar. They must be extracted, as they are tender and interfere with the metal bit.
To exercise a race animal by galloping a pre-determined distance.
Go amiss.
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