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The goal cage.
Campbell Conference
One of the two conferences in the NHL that contained the Norris and Smythe Divisions until 1992-93; the other conference was the Wales Conference; starting in 1993-94 these will be renamed the Eastern and Western Conferences.
A rebound of the puck off the boards or any other object.
Catching Glove
The glove worn by the goalie on the non-stick hand.
Caught Up Ice
Descriptive of a player who is still in the attacking zone while the opponents are attacking at the other end of the ice.
The player in the center of a team's forward line. He takes most of the faceoffs and often leads an attack by carrying the puck into the attacking zone, then shooting or passing to a teammate.
Center Circle
See center ice circle.
Center Face-Off Circle
A circle, measuring 30 feet in diameter, at the center of the ice where the puck is dropped in a face-off to start the game and to restart the game after a goal has been scored.
Center Faceoff Spot
See center ice spot.
Center Forward
Old name for the center.
Center Ice
The area between the two blue lines, also called the neutral zone.
Center Ice Circle
The faceoff circle, 30 feet in diameter, surrounding the center ice spot, where faceoffs are held to start a period and to restart the game after a goal.
Center Ice Spot
The faceoff spot inside the center ice circle, marking the exact center of the rink.
Center Line
A red, 12-inch wide line across the ice midway between the two goals.
Center or Center Forward
The center player in the forward line who usually leads his teamís attack when they are trying to score a goal; he takes part in most of the face-offs; he controls the puck and tries to score or pass it to a teammate who is in a better position to score a goal.
Center the Puck
To pass the puck from near a corner in the attacking zone into the area in front of the goal cage.
Center Zone
The neutral zone.
Centering Pass
A pass from an attacking player towards the middle of the ice to a teammate with a better angle at the goal.
Change on the Fly
To make a line change or send other substitutes out while play is going on.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player makes a deliberate move of more than two steps when body checking an opponent; if serious injury is caused or blood is drawn it becomes a major penalty.
Any tactic used by a defensive player in an attempt to slow down an opponent and/or get possession of the puck. There are two main varieties: the body check and the stick check.
Check or Checking
Any defensive or guarding tactic used by hockey players accomplished by moving their bodies against an opponent to get the puck away; there are two main types of checks: stick check and body check; these are only allowed against a player in control of the puck or against the last player to control it; checking with too many steps or strides becomes charging.
Checking Line
A line made up of players known primarily for defense, not scoring.
To pass, poke, or deflect the puck away from one's own goal cage, or out of the defensive zone. As a noun, the act of clearing.
Clear the Zone
To leave the attacking zone in order to avoid being called offside when the puck enters.
Clearing the Puck
Getting the puck out of oneís own defensive zone.
Clearing the Zone
When a defending player sends the puck out of the attacking zone, all the attacking players must leave or clear the zone to avoid being called offsides when the puck reenters the zone.
Descriptive of matching penalties assessed against players of both teams for simultaneous fouls.
An area of the rink near one of the four rounded sections where the sideboards and endboards meet.
When a player stays close to an opponent to prevent him from receiving a pass or making a play on offense.
See goal crease.
Crease Lines
The red lines that form the semi-circular area with a 6-foot radius in front of the goal called the goal crease.
Cross Bar
The 6-foot-long horizontal bar that connects the tops of the goal posts.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player holds his stick in both hands and drives the shaft into an opponent; a stick check where a player has both hands on the stick and no part of the stick on the ice; if serious injury is caused or blood is drawn it becomes a major penalty and a game misconduct.
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