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The small ledge at the top of the boards.
Dead Puck
A puck that flies out of the rink or that a player has caught in his hand.
A player who is primarily responsible for preventing the opposition from scoring. There are usually two defensemen on ice for a team at any given time, and they are usually positioned closer to their own goal cage than the forwards.
Two players who make up a teamís defensive unit usually stationed in or near their defensive zone to help the goalie guard against attack; sometimes they lead an attack. The left defenseman covers the left half of the rink, the right defenseman plays to the right, but they can skate into each otherís territory.
Defensive Line
Consists of two defensemen.
Defensive Zone
The area in a team's own end of the ice, between the blue line and the goal line.
A shot or pass that changes direction when it strikes a player, skate, or stick. While often accidental, a deflection may also be a deliberate act of a player who uses the stick to redirect a teammate's shot into the goal cage.
To fake, either with the puck or the body, in order to get a defensive player out of position or off balance. Short for "decoy."
Deke or Deking
A decoying or faking motion by the puck-carrier; the art of making a defensive player think you are going to pass or move in a certain direction when you are not. There are shoulder dekes, stick dekes and head dekes.
Delay of Game
An infraction that covers several different offenses. The most common is when a player, most often the goalie, shoots or bats the puck out of the playing area. Other offenses include deliberately displacing a goal post from its normal position, freezing the puck against the boards or the net when not being checked, and obvious delays in substitution by a coach. The infraction generally incurs a two-minute minor, but it may result in a penalty shot if a goal post is intentionally displaced when an opposing player has a breakaway.
Delayed Offside
An apparent offside on which the linesman doesn't blow the whistle immediately because a defending player has gained control of the puck near the blue line. If the player loses possession before crossing the blue line, the offside will be called.
Delayed Penalty
1) A penalty that isn't called immediately because the non-offending team has control of the puck in an advantageous position. The referee raises an arm to signal the penalty but doesn't blow the whistle to stop action and enforce the penalty until the offending team gets the puck. 2) A penalty that isn't immediately assessed because the offending team already has two players in the penalty box. It is enforced when one of the two previously penalized players leaves the box.
Delayed Penalty or Delayed Call
When an official raises his arm but does not blow his whistle, waiting to see the outcome of a play before calling a penalty; this is done so as not to penalize the non-offending team by stopping its momentum; a penalty that is delayed, and then not called, is waved off and play continues uninterrupted; also a penalty against the team that has only 4 players on the ice, which is assessed only when one of its players gets out of the penalty box.
A defensive formation, used when a team is short-handed, in which the four remaining skaters form into a diamond arrangement.
Double Minor
A type of minor penalty given for certain accidental infractions that result in an injury to another player; penalty time of 4 minutes is served, double the time of a normal minor penalty.
Drop Pass
A pass on which a player simply leaves the puck behind on the ice for a teammate to pick up.
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