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Eastern Conference
The renamed Wales Conference beginning with the 1993-94 season which contains the Northeast and Atlantic Divisions, formerly called the Adams and Patrick Divisions.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player strikes his opponent with an elbow to impede his progress.
Empty Net
A net that's unprotected, because the goalie is out of position or because he's off the ice in favor of an extra skater.
Empty Net Goal
A goal scored when the net is not guarded by the goalie, usually because he's been pulled to get an extra skater on the ice.
Empty-Net Goal
A goal scored against a team that has pulled the goalie.
A section of the boards at an end of the rink.
Also called the policeman; is usually the most penalized player on a team; he has the job of protecting his teammates from harm; generally a larger player who is not afraid of any fight.
Exhibition Game
A game not included in the regular-season schedule and which does not count in the standings; the All-Star Game or other games generally played before the season begins.
The addition of teams to the NHL.
Expansion Draft
A special arrangement to assist new franchises in obtaining players, where expansion teams choose players from other teamsí rosters.
Expansion Team
A team that has been recently added to the NHL.
Extra Skater
A player, usually a forward, who is on the ice to replace the goalie, either during a delayed penalty or when a team desperately needs a goal late in the game.
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