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Face Mask
The protective mask worn by the goalie.
The method of starting play; the dropping of the puck by the official between the sticks of two opposing players standing one stick length apart with stick blades flat on the ice; used to begin each period or to resume play when it has stopped for other reasons.
Face-Off Circles and Spots
The various circular spots on the ice where an official and two players will hold a face-off to begin or to resume the action of the game; there are one blue and four red face-off circles located in the neutral zone; two red face-off circles are found at each end of the ice.
The method of starting play at the beginning of a period or of restarting after play has been stopped for any reason. Two opposing players stand a stick-length apart with their stick blades flat on the ice and a referee or linesman drops the puck between them. Other players must remain outside the faceoff circle or at least 15 feet away if the faceoff is at a spot that's not in a circle.
Faceoff Circle
There are five faceoff circles, each 30 feet in diameter, one at the center of the rink and two in each end of the rink.
Faceoff Spot
In addition to the faceoff spots located in the center of each faceoff circle, there are four faceoff spots in the neutral zone, located directly in line with the faceoff spots in the end faceoff circles and 2 feet from the blue lines.
Falling on the Puck
An infraction, incurring a minor penalty, that occurs when a player other than a goalie deliberately falls on the puck, gathers the puck under his body while lying on the ice, or closes his hand on the puck.
To miss the puck completely when attempting a shot or pass.
To make a pass that sets a teammate up for a shot.
Passing the puck.
A major penalty which occurs when two or more players drop their sticks and gloves and fight; if a referee deems one player to be the instigator, that player gets a game misconduct; the minor penalty for a less severe pushing and shoving fight is called roughing.
Five Hole
The opening between a goalie's leg pads.
Flat Pass
When a player passes the puck to a teammate along the surface of the ice.
Flip Pass
A pass by a player to a teammate that lifts the puck from the ice and sends it through the air, usually for the purpose of getting it over an opponent’s stick.
Flip Shot
A shot in which a player cups the puck in his stick, then flips it with his wrists up off the ice towards the goal; this sometimes makes the puck harder to block.
To check or harass an opponent who has the puck in his defensive zone and keep the opponents in their end of the rink while trying to regain control of the puck; usually done by the forwards.
A shot or pass taken from the right side of a right-handed player or from the left side of a left-handed player.
One of the three players who make up a team's forward line: the center and the right and left wings.
Forward Line
The three forwards as a unit.
Forward Line or Attacking Line
Consists of two wings (right and left) and a center; these three players play nearer the opponent’s goal and are responsible for most of the scoring.
The three players who make up the attacking line or forward line of a team — the center and the right and left wings.
Any infraction of the rules that will draw a penalty.
A team; the legal arrangement that establishes ownership of a team.
Freeze the Puck
To hold the puck against the boards or the back of the net with the skate or stick, in order to stop play and gain a faceoff. If a player freezes the puck when no opponent is trying to gain control of it, it's delay of game.
Full Strength
Descriptive of a team that has its full complement of six players on the ice.
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