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Hand Pass
The act of batting, deflecting, or throwing the puck toward a teammate, resulting in stoppage of a play and a faceoff at the spot. A player is allowed to stop or bat the puck with a hand, provided it isn't deliberately directed at a teammate.
Hat Trick
Three or more goals scored by a player in one game.
Head Deke
When a player drops his head as though moving one way and quickly moves in another to fake out the opponent.
Head Man
To pass the puck ahead to a teammate, especially on a rush; as in, "Jagr head mans the puck to Gretzky."
The section of a hockey stick where the blade is attached to the shaft.
High Stick
A stick carried with the blade above shoulder level. A goal cannot be scored with a high stick. See also the following entry.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player checks an opponent by carrying his stick above the normal height of his opponent’s waist and hits, or menaces the opponent with it; if injury is caused it becomes a major penalty; if a referee determines that the raising of the stick was unintentional and no contact occurred, the penalty is only against the team and results in a face-off.
Hip Check
A check on which the defensive player bumps the opponent with the hip. As a verb, to execute such a check.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player grabs and holds onto an opponent (or his stick) with his hands or arms to impede the opponent’s progress.
Holding the Puck
See falling on the puck.
Home Team
The team in whose arena the game is being played; the team wearing the lighter uniforms.
Hook Check
A check on which the stick is laid on the ice in front of the puck to trap it, often from beside or behind the opponent. As a verb, to execute such a check.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player attempts to impede the progress of another player by hooking any part of the opponent’s body with the blade of his stick; an illegal use of one’s stick.
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