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Ice Time
The amount of time that the player is on the ice during a game when the clock is running.
Shooting or directing the puck from behind the red line (in the NHL) or from the defensive zone (in amateur hockey) so that it crosses the opposition's goal line and is first touched by an opposing player other than the goaltender. Play resumes with a faceoff in the offending team's defensive zone. It is not icing if the puck passes through the goal crease or if the team is short-handed.
In the Net
Said of the goalie, as in, "Dominik Hasek is in the net tonight."
Checking or otherwise impeding the motion of an opponent who is not in possession of or contention for the puck, except immediately after the opponent has taken a shot or made a pass. Incurs a minor penalty.
A fifteen-minute recess between each of the three periods of a hockey game.
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