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Lead Pass
A pass sent ahead of a moving teammate designed to meet the player at the location he is headed.
Left Wing
The forward who lines up and operates primarily on the left side of the ice, usually a left-handed shooter.
Angle made by the shaft of the stick and the blade.
A group of forwards who usually play together for a team because their skills complement one another.
Line Change
The substitition of one entire line for another, usually done every couple of minutes or even more often to keep rested players on the ice. See also change on the fly.
One of the two officials primarily responsible for calling icing and offside violations. The linesmen also conduct most faceoffs, separate fighting players, and may inform the referee of fouls, but they cannot themselves call penalties.
The two officials on the ice, one toward each end of the rink, responsible for infractions of the rules concerning off-side plays at the blue lines or center line and for any icing violations; they conduct most of the face-offs, sometimes advise the referee concerning penalties, and separate players who are fighting; they wear black pants and an official league sweater, and are on skates.
Loose Puck
The puck when it is not being controlled by either team.
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