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Major Penalty
A five-minute penalty imposed for serious infractions, such as fighting and spearing, and for lesser infractions that cause injury and/or draw blood. The penalized player must serve all five minutes in the penalty box, even if the opposing team scores.
Man Advantage
The situation in which a team has one more player on the ice than the opposition. See also power play.
A hockey game.
Match Penalty
The equivalent of a major penalty plus a game misconduct penalty. The guilty player is suspended for the remainder of the game, another player goes to the penalty box for five minutes, and the team plays short-handed for that time. Compare game misconduct penalty.
A pairing of players on opposing teams who will cover each other during the hockey game.
Minor Penalty
The standard two-minute penalty assessed for most violations. The player goes to the penalty box for two minutes, but can return to the ice of the opponents score before the time is up.
Minutes Played
The units of measure for a player's ice time; used to compute a goaltender's goals against average and similar statistics.
Misconduct Penalty
A 10-minute penalty assessed for such infractions as abusive language toward an official or prolonged fighting. The team doesn't have to play short-handed. See also game misconduct penalty.
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