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Pad Save
A save on which the goalie uses a leg pad to stop or deflect the puck.
A pass made by an attacking player from behind the opponent's goal line to a teammate in front of the net.
When one player uses his stick to send the puck to a teammate.
A pass by an attacking player from behind his opponent’s net or goal line to a teammate in front of the net.
Patrick Division
With the Adams Division made up the Wales Conference until the 1992-93 season; renamed the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference starting with the 1993-94 season.
A punishment levied against a player, coach, or team official for a rules violation. See bench minor penalty; game misconduct penalty; major penalty; match penalty; minor penalty; misconduct penalty.
Penalty Box
An area containing a bench, just off the ice and behind the sideboards, where players serve penalty time. There are two penalty boxes, one for each team.
Penalty Killer
A player expert at backchecking and keeping or gaining control of a loose puck under difficult circumstances who is trained to break up a power play when his team is shorthanded.
Penalty Minutes
A statistic that shows the amount of penalty time accumulated by a player or team.
Penalty Shootout
A method of deciding a winner, in amateur hockey, if the score is still tied after one overtime period. Each team designates five shooters and a goalie, and the teams alternate penalty shots, with a different shooter each time. If the score remains tied after each team has taken five shots, five new shooters are designated and the shootout continues until one shooter scores and his counterpart on the other team fails to score.
Penalty Shot
A shot on goal, with only the goaltender defending, awarded for certain infractions. The player taking the shot is given the puck at the center ice spot and must keep the puck moving forward once across the blue line. Once the shot is taken, the play is over; a goal can't be scored on a rebound. If a penalty shot is awarded to a player who was interfered with or otherwise fouled on a breakaway, that player takes the shot. In other cases, such as when a defensive player other than the goaltender falls on a puck in the goal crease, the team captain selects a player from among those on the ice to take the penalty shot.
Penalty Timekeeper
An official who sits between the two penalty boxes and is responsible for recording and timing every penalty.
One of the three 20-minute playing segments of play in a regulation hockey game, or an overtime playing segment.
Three 20-minute playing intervals separated by two intermissions.
A goal post.
1) A goal or an assist credited to a player. 2) A unit used to determine league standings, in which a team is given 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie or overtime loss. 3) An area near the boards and just inside the opposition's blue line, where a defenseman is normally stationed when his team has control of the puck in the attacking zone.
The left and right positions taken by the defensemen of the attacking team, just inside the blue line of the attacking zone; also the term used to describe the defensemen playing at this location; also an individual statistic for players equal to their goals plus assists; also a team statistic used to determine team standings (2 points for each win and 1 point for each tie during the regular season).
Poke Check
A stick check on which the player jabs his stick blade at the puck or an opponent's stick to dislodge the puck.
See enforcer.
Short for goal post.
Power Play
An attack by a team at full strength against a team playing one man (or two men) shorthanded because of a penalty (or penalties) which resulted in a player on the opposing team receiving penalty-box time.
Power Play Goal
A goal scored by a team on the power play. Compare short-handed goal.
A black, vulcanized rubber disc, 1-inch thick and 3-inches in diameter, weighing between 5 1/2 and 6 ounces used to play hockey; they are frozen to prevent excessive bouncing and changed throughout the game; can travel up to 120 miles per hour on a slap shot.
The player currently in possession of the puck.
Pull the Goalie
To remove the goaltender from the ice and replace him with a forward to gain more attacking power. The goalie is pulled when there's a delayed penalty on the opposition or when a team needs to score in the closing minutes of a game.
Pulling the Goalie
Taking the goalkeeper off the ice and replacing him with a forward; leaves the goal unguarded so is only used as a last minute attempt to score.
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