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Rag the Puck
To retain control of the puck, without attempting to score, for a considerable period of time, usually through clever stickhandling; a tactic used to kill time while a team is short-handed or when it holds a lead with not much time left in the game.
Retaining the puck by clever stickhandling; often used by a shorthanded team to kill time.
A loose puck that has bounced off the goaltender, the crossbar, or a goal post after a shot.
Red Light
A light behind the goal cage, next to the green light, that is turned on by the goal judge to indicate that a goal has been scored.
Red Line
A line, 12 inches wide, that extends across the ice midway between the goal lines. Also known as the center line.
The chief official in a hockey game, distinguished from the other officials by a red armband; he starts the game, calls most of the penalties and makes the final decision in any dispute; he is responsible for making sure the ice, the nets and the clock are in good condition; he wears black pants and an official league sweater; he is also on skates.
Referee's Crease
A semi-circle with a 10-foot radius, marked in red, in front of the penalty timekeeper. When the referee is reporting penalties, no player is allowed to enter this area.
Referee’s Crease
A semi-circular area, with a 10 foot radius, marked in red on the ice in front of the timekeepers’ bench into which players may not follow a referee.
Restraining Circle
A faceoff circle.
Right Wing
The forward who lines up and operates primarily on the right side of the ice, usually a right-handed shooter.
The playing area for hockey, an ice surface in the shape of a rectangle with round corners, 200 feet long and usually 85 feet wide in North America but 100 feet wide in international play.
Rockered Blades
Used by professional ice hockey skaters; the gentle curve in a very sharp blade of an ice skate produced by rounding the toe and heel of the blade to make it easier for hockey players to turn quickly.
A list of the players on a team.
A minor penalty which occurs when a fight between players is more of a pushing and shoving match; a less severe penalty than fighting.
A rapid movement of the puck, by one or more players, into the attacking zone and toward the opposition's goal cage. As a verb, to make a rush.
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