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The act, by a goaltender, in deflecting or stopping a shot on goal. As a verb, to make a save.
Several players from both sides close together battling for possession of the puck.
To take a position between the goaltender and a teammate who controls the puck.
Screen Shot
A shot on goal that the goalie cannot see because it was taken from behind one or more players from either team standing in front of the net.
To cover an opponent, one on one, everywhere on the ice. As a noun, a player assigned to shadow a specific opponent.
Shooting Angle
The angle determined by the position of the shooting player in relation to the goal at the moment he shoots the puck.
Short Side
The side of the goal cage where the goaltender is playing; so called because there's a smaller area to shoot at on that side.
Descriptive of a team that has fewer players on the ice than the opposition because of a penalty or penalties. See also power play.
Short-Handed Goal
A goal scored by a player whose team is short-handed. See also power play goal.
A team with one or more players off the ice in the penalty box when the opponent has its full complement of 6 players; also a power play for the other team.
Shot on Goal
A shot that goes in the net or would have gone in the net if it hadn't been blocked or deflected by the goalie or another defensive player.
Shot on Goal (Sog)
A scoring attempt that is successfully blocked or otherwise prevented by a goalie; a save.
Shoulder Deke
A quick move of the shoulder in one direction and the player in another to fake out the opponent.
Shut Out
To hold the opposition scoreless for an entire game or any specified period of time; e.g., "The Bruins shut out the Rangers for the last 18 minutes of the second period."
A game in which the opposing team is held scoreless.
The section of the boards along the side of the rink, between the goal lines.
Any player who is not a goaltender.
Slap Shot
A shot in which the player raises his stick in a backswing, with his strong hand held low on the shaft and his other hand on the end as a pivot. Then as the stick comes down toward the puck, the player leans into the stick to put all his power behind the shot and add velocity to the puck; achieves an extremely high speed (up to 120 miles per hour) but is less accurate than a wrist shot.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player swings his stick from below the player’s shoulder at an opponent to impede his motion, whether or not contact is made; if injury is caused it becomes a major penalty and a game misconduct.
An attacking player who slips into the center or neutral zone behind the attacking defensemen; same as a floater or a hanger.
An area immediately in front of the goal and extending about 10 yards out, considered the best area from which to score a goal. The center usually tries to position himself in the slot when his team has control of the puck in the attacking zone.
Slow Whistle
When an official waits to blow his whistle because of a delayed offside or delayed penalty call.
Smother the Puck
To cover the puck with the hands or body. The goaltender is allowed to smother the puck in the goal crease when he's being challenged or checked by an opponent, but otherwise it's an illegal act that draws a minor penalty.
Smythe Division
With the Norris Division made up the Campbell Conference until the 1992-93 season; renamed the Pacific Division of the Western Conference starting with the 1993-94 season.
Snap Pass
A quick pass made with a snap of the wrists, similar to a wrist shot.
Snap Shot
See wrist shot.
A rush by a player without assistance from a teammate.
Jabbing, or attempting to jab, a player's body with the point of the stick blade. Incurs a minor penalty if there's no contact, a major penalty plus a game misconduct penalty if there is contact, and a match penalty if the opponent is injured by the spearing.
Split the Defense
To skate between two defenders into or within the attacking zone.
The hockey stick may be no more than 63 inches long from the heel to the end of the shaft. A skater's stick may be no more than 12 ½ inches long from the heel to the end of the blade. The blade of a skater's stick must be between 2 and 3 inches wide at every point, with a curvature of no more than ½ inch, measured from a straight line drawn between the heel and the end of the blade. The goaltender's stick must be no more than 15½ inches long from the heel to the end of the blade, and the blade must be no more than 3 ½ inches wide except at the heel, where it must be no more than 4 ¼ inches wide.
Stick Check
Checking an opponent with the stick. See hook check; poke check; sweep check.
Stick Deke
When a player’s stick is moved as though for a shot, but instead the player moves the puck past the defending player; done to fake out the opponent.
Stick Save
A save made with the goaltender's stick.
Stick Side
The side on which the goaltender holds the stick; the opposite of glove side.
Carrying the puck on the stick while moving along the ice.
Moving the puck along the ice with the stick blade.
A save; as a verb, to make a save.
Occurs when a player comes off the bench to replace a player coming out of the game; can be made at any time and play does not need to stop.
Sudden-Death Overtime
An overtime period that ends as soon as one team scores a goal, determining the winner and terminating the game.
Sweep Check
A check made by a player with one hand on the stick, and one knee so low it is practically on the ice, with the shaft and blade of the stick flat on the ice to take the puck away from an opponent.
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