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Take the Body
To body check an opponent.
Third Man in
A player who gets involved in a fight between two other players; draws a game misconduct penalty.
Third-Man-in Rule
The third man in a fight gets a game misconduct penalty and is out of the game for its duration; created to discourage players from jumping into a fight, even if they are only trying to break it up.
A type of break with three attackers coming in on one defenseman; this is a desperate situation.
A type of break with three attacking players skating against two defensive players.
Time Out
A 30-second stoppage of play during which a team and coach can discuss strategy. Each team is allowed one time out per game.
Too many Players on the Ice
An infraction that draws a bench minor penalty. It most often occurs when a team is trying to change on the fly and one of the forwards is late coming off the ice.
A player who follows his teammate on the attack seemingly out of the action but actually in a position to receive a backward or drop pass.
A defense designed to slow down the opposition's offense by trapping the puck in the neutral zone, then regaining control of it.
The defensive alignment generally used when a team is two players short because of penalties. The three remaining players form a triangle, with one of them near the top of the slot to cover the points, while the other two are near the goal cage.
A minor penalty which occurs when a player places his stick or a part of his body under or around the feet or legs of an opponent causing him to lose his balance; will also be called if a player kicks an opponent’s skates out from under him, or uses a knee or leg to cause his opponent to fall.
Two-Line Pass
A pass that crosses two or more lines without being touched, a violation that results in a faceoff at the faceoff spot nearest the point where the pass originated.
Two-Man Advantage
The situation in which a team has two more players on the ice than the opposition. See also man advantage; power play.
A type of break with two attacking players skating against one defensive player.
A type of break with two attacking players skating against two defensive players.
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