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Waffle Pad
A large rectangular pad attached to the front of the goalie’s stick hand.
Wales Conference
Was one of the two confrences in the NHL consisting of the Patrick and Adams Divisions until the 1992-93 season. The other conference was Campbell Conference. These were renamed the Eastern and Western Conferences respectively, starting with 1993-94 season.
Wash Out
A goal that is ruled invalid by the referee or the waving off of an infraction by the linesmen.
1. A goal that is disallowed for one of several reasons, such as the puck being kicked into the goal cage, or being batted in with a high stick, indicated by a signal from a linesman that is similar to baseball's "safe signal." 2. The same signal, indicating that no icing or offside violation is being called.
Western Conference
The renamed Cambell Conference beginning with the 1993-94 season which contains the Central and Pacific Divisions (formerly the Norris and Smythe Divisions respectively).
One of the two forwards who flank the center and, with the center, make up a line. Also known as a winger or wingman. See also left wing; right wing.
Same as wing.
Same as wing.
Two players who flank the center on his right and left sides and, with him, make up the attacking unit or forward line.
Wrist Shot
A shot made using a strong flicking of the wrist and forearm muscles, with the stick blade kept on the ice; it is slower but more accurate than a slap shot.
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