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Two connected curves that alternate directions.
A tool used to smooth the track surface.
The portion of the start in which the athlete lies back on the sled.
Retractable covers that shield the track from sunlight and sometimes from snow between runs.
A liquid used to keep the visor from fogging over.
To shear off a thin, top layer of ice with the steels, usually caused by a slight, momentary loss of control.
See pod.
A luge or bobsled athlete.
Speed Suit
The skin-tight, aerodynamic outfit worn by a slider.
Metal protrusions worn on the fingertips or the backs of the knuckles of the slider's glove to aid in paddling at the start.
Split Time
The time it takes to cover a given section of the track, usually from the start to some intermediate point.
Start Order
The sequence in which the sliders take their runs. Start order varies from one heat to the next, depending on the rules of the specific race.
Start Time
The time it takes to get from the start to the first intermediate point.
Steel Temperature
See runner temperature.
Steel Work
The process of polishing the steels.
The steel runners that are attached to the kufens.
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