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Will," "mind," or "intent.
"Swordplay." A sword exercise employing a series of thrusting and cutting techniques while drawing and returning the blade.
"Way of the sword." The modern art of drawing the samurai sword from its scabbard.
"Breath control." Isotonic breathing exercises based on dynamic tension principles practiced in conjunction with, and also separate to, the execution of karate techniques.
(Japanese) Word used in Jd: a defense movement composed of eight techniques (taken in the Kime no Kata) which are executed continuously (at once).
In Ibuki
"Passive" or "internal breathing." A soft-but-firm type of breathing that stems from deep in the abdomen. It is common to many different martial arts.
A full win. (Judo and karate)
Ippon Ken Zuki
One knuckle fist
Ippon Kumite
One step sparring
Ippon Nukite
Spear hand with one finger
Ippon Shiai
Competition with one point
Irimi Nage
An entering throw, in which the attacker's arm lifts the opponent's chin. Also known as the twenty-year throw.
Isshin Ryu
"One-heart method." A hybrid form of unarmed combat based on several Okinawan karate systems, founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku in 1954.
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