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Either upper or lower connecting suspension piece (in the shape of an A) locking the frame to the spindle.
Vertical roof support between the windshield and front edge of the front side window.
The post extending from the roof line to the base of the windshield on either side of the car.
American Automobile Association. This is the large nationwide car club that offers services such as travel assistance, roadside service, etc. It is not widely known now, but the AAA was once the organization that sanctioned most of the "legitimate" racing in the United States; its Contest Board sanctioned the Indy 500 and all Indy car racing in the U.S. until 1955 (when the Contest Board was disbanded). AAA is no longer involved in racing, but actions that it took in the '40s and '50s led indirectly to the formation and growth of NASCAR and USAC, and the ramifications of those actions are still with us today.
The American Auto Racing Association, located in Spokane, Washington.
Absolute Title
A document that states a person or a legal entity has the right of ownership.
An unforeseen and unintended event or occurrence.
Removes moisture from the liquid refrigerant in an air-conditioning system.
Automotive Competition Committee of the United States. This is an umbrella organization which includes representatives from CART, NASCAR, IMSA, SCCA, NHRA, USAC, and as of November 1997, the IRL. It handles cross-licensing between sanctioning bodies in the U.S., and serves as the U.S. representative to FISA, the international auto racing coordination body. The formation of ACCUS in 1961 eliminated most of the turf wars between rival sanctioning bodies; doing so contributed greatly to the growth of auto racing in the U.S. during the '60s
Acquisition Fee
A fee charged by the leasing company to buy the vehicle for the lessee and set up the lease. Also called the initiation fee, this typically runs about $450.
American-Canadian Tour, a former rival to ASA. ACT was similar to, but smaller than, ASA; they sanctioned similar classes of cars, mainly in the Upper Plains and central Canada. Tom Curley, the sanctioning body's owner, shut it down at the end of the 1995 season.
Act of God
Any accident or event that is not by human hand and can not be prevented. Usually a natural cause.
Actual Cash Value (Acv)
Replacement cost of property lost. If your vehicle were stolen, totaled in an accident, or otherwise rendered a loss, the Actual Cash Value is equal to the cost for a similar vehicle at current market prices.
A device that performs a mechanical action in response to an input signal, which may be electrical or fluidic.
Adding Spoiler
This is a term used to describe the changing of the direction of a spoiler or wing on a race car. Usually adjusting the angle of the spoiler creates downforce and gives more grip on the race track.
Additional Insured
A person or company, other than the person named on the account who is protected against damage or loss.
Additional Insured/Loss Payee
Since the lessor owns the leased vehicle, the lessee is required to name the lessor "additional insured" in his insurance liability-coverage policy and as the "loss payee" in his collision and comprehensive policy.
Adjusted Capitalized Cost
The basis for the basic monthly payment.
The person working with the insurance agency who determines the amount of damage, loss, and liability.
American Drag Racing Association, located in Spokane, Washington.
Advertised Price, Average
The average listed price for a given year, make and model combination, among the cars currently listed on AutoTrader.com.
Advertised Price, Highest
The highest listed price for a given year, make and model combination, among the cars currently listed on AutoTrader.com.
Advertised Price, Lowest
The lowest listed price for a given year, make and model combination, among the cars currently listed on AutoTrader.com.
Commonly used abbreviation when referring to the all-important science of aerodynamics.
Aero Push
When a car pulls closely into another car's air stream causing a pushing or understeer effect.
The study of the behavior of the airflow as it passes around a moving object and the forces exerted by the air on the object. In car design the positive and negative lift of the airflow is studied in wind tunnels. Negative lift is preferred to press the vehicle closer to the ground. Car air resistance is also studied.
A representative of the insurance agency, licensed by the state, who solicits, negotiates, and countersigns the contract. Also provides service to the policyholder for the insurance agency.
Agricultural Racing
Driving through grass infield areas, particularly on a paved oval. Generally not a good idea.
American Hot Rod Association
The Spoiler To pull up close behind a preceding car such that the air flowing over that car's rear spoiler is disturbed. This can drastically reduce the rear downforce of the preceding car, causing it to get very suddenly loose.
Air Box
Used primarily on Pro Stock Bikes, it settles "negative air" around carburetors the way a hood scoop does on a car. Header(s): A fine-tuned exhaust system that routes exhaust from the engine. Replaces conventional exhaust manifolds.
Air Brake
Brakes, usually on heavy-duty trucks, that use compressed air to operate.
Air Dam
The low front spoiler of the car that directs air over or around the car to create a force (downforce) that pushes the front of the race car down onto the race track.
Air Filter
PapeL gauze, or synthetic fiber element used to prevent dirt particles from entering the engine. Located in the air box.
Air Foil
The same as a wing - a stabilizer, generally used to create downforce which increases stability and tire-to-track adherence at high speeds. Hemi: A Hemi engine has a hemispherical shaped cylinder-head combustion chamber, like a ball cut in half.
Air Wrench
This tool uses compressed air to quickly remove wheel nuts on contact. A crew member proficient with the air wrench can save a team valuable seconds on a Pit Pass. Also referred to as an air gun or impact gun.
Safety device using an inflatable cushion that inflates and deflates within a fraction of a second to protect a vehicle occupant.
Airbag Lockout Switch
A device allowing the driver to turn off the front passenger airbag.
Caused by a car losing control at high speeds and air lifting the car off the ground.
The American Indycar Series, a low-cost series for Indy car racing. This series keeps costs low by using cast-off CART cars (the CART teams change models every year, and there is a surplus of old models), and by using an engine equivalence formula allowing teams a wide variety of engine choices. The series serves as a training ground for prospective CART and IRL drivers, although it is not affiliated with either. The series runs mainly road courses, but there are a few ovals.
When used to refer to racing car fuel, nearly always means methyl alcohol, or methanol. Ethanol is very seldom used for race cars (it costs too much), and other types are never used.
The proper adjustment of the car's suspension. Generally refers to the wheel alignment.
All Pro Series
A touring series for Late Model cars, running mostly in the South.
All Wheel Drive (Awd)
All four wheels are driven by the engine. AWD systems are superior to 4WD because (AWD)they can be used under any road conditions. AWD systems use a center differential to allow the front and rear wheels to rotate at different speeds. AWD provides better traction than front or rear-wheel drive.
All-Risks Policy
A policy covering all losses except those specifically excluded in the contract.
All-Season Tires
Tires designed to provide good traction in winter snow and slush without wearing too quickly on dry roads.
All-Terrain Vehicle (Atv)
A small, lightweight vehicle designed for recreational off-highway use.
All-Wheel Drive (Awd)
A vehicle drivetrain with all wheels powered by the engine at all times. Sometimes called full-time four-wheel drive.
Alloy Wheels
Wheels usually made of aluminum alloy; installed to improve appearance. Alloy wheels are less prone to corrosion and can be significantly lighter than the equivalent steel wheels.
A class of drag racer that starts with an automobile body and can then be modified in almost any manner.
Alternate Starter
An alternate starter is the fastest (or sometimes the two or three fastest) among the cars that did not qualify for the race. If a driver is unable to start the race, that driver and car would have to withdraw. In this event, an alternate starter would be added to the field to take the place of the withdrawn team.
Alternative Fuels
May be alcohol-based, such as ethanol or methanol; compressed natural gas; or combinations of gasoline and alcohol.
A device that converts rotational energy to AC current. Alternators provide energy for the vehicle electrical system. The alternator also recharges the battery.
Aston Martin Owners Club - Event organisers
The gradual reduction of a debt by periodic payments large enough to meet current interest payments and repay the principal.
Amount Financed
The portion of the purchase price that is actually financed. In addition to the cost of the car, it can include the costs of an extended warranty, credit life insurance, and other items rolled into the payments.
Atlanta Motor Speedway.
Angle of Attack
The angle of an Indy car style wing. The angle is varied by track to produce optimal downforce and minimize drag.
Annual Percentage Rate (Apr)
The average compound interest rate over the life of the loan. A yearly rate of interest that includes fees and costs paid to acquire a loan. Lenders are required by law to disclose the annual percentage rate, which is used to compare various loans; it makes simple interest and compound interest loans comparable with each other.
Anti-Lock Brake System (Abs)
A computer-controlled braking system that senses impending wheel lockup and pulses the brakes many times a second to prevent it. This results in the most important benefit of ABS: by preventing wheel lockup, it allows the driver to maintain steering control. Unfortunately, too few drivers are trained to use ABS properly. When the system engages, it may vibrate the brake pedal. A driver who doesn't know how to use ABS may lift his foot from the pedal when he receives this feedback, effectively disengaging the system
Anti-Roll Bar
A suspension component. A steel rod or tube that connects the left and right suspension members to resist roll or swaying of the vehicle. Improves handling.
Anti-Roll Bar/ Sway Bar/ Stabilizer Bar
A steel rod or tube that connects the right and left suspension members together to resist roll or swaying of the vehicle. An anti-roll bar improves the handling of a vehicle by increasing stability during cornering or evasive maneuvers. Most vehicles have front anti-roll bars. Anti-roll bars at both the front and rear wheels can reduce roll further.
A liquid that mixes with the water in a cooling system of a vehicle's engine. Antifreeze keeps the water from freezing in the winter or cold climates, or from overheating in the summer or hot climates.
Antiroll Bar
A bar linking suspension parts which can be adjusted to alter handling characteristics to compensate for tire wear and varying fuel loads.
Also "Clipping Point". The most critical part of the turn. It is the area on the inside of a turn at which the car finishes the entry phase and begins the exit phase. The car must be as balanced as possible and accelerating towards the track-out point when it "clips" the apex.
Appearance Code
A set of rules for a racing series, that govern the general appearance of each race car.
Appearance Money
A guaranteed payment from the promoter of a race to a driver or team just for showing up, regardless of how that driver or team does in the race.
An initial statement of personal and financial information which is required to approve your loan.
An opinion of the market value of an asset as of a specific date.
An area on the inside of the track for cars that are going slowly. At high-banked tracks, the apron has less bank, so that cars that aren't up to speed won't slide off. The apron is also used as the approach to the pits, and as the merge-in area for cars exiting the pits. See also warm-up lane.
Auto Racing Club of America. Sanctions a national Stock car series, and several regional series. Founded in 1953 as the Midwest Auto Racing Club, it has evolved a number of regional racing series in the Midwest and West over the years.
Arm Restraints
Straps that attach to a driver's arms to limit the range of motion of the upper arm, and by doing so keep the forearms and hands in the car. Sometimes required in Sprint and Midget racing; these cars are capable of flipping and rolling very violently, and the arm restraints keep the driver's arms from slipping out of the roll cage and getting crushed by the car in a roll. Similar to the purpose served by the window net in a Stock car.
A brand name for one brand of corrugated steel barrier widely used for guardrails on highways. In the '70s, many race tracks experimented with using Armco instead of concrete for crash walls.
American Speed Association. Sanctions a Stock car series that operates mostly in the Midwest and Northwest, although they have enough dates in other parts of the country that their series is usually considered national.
Aspect Ratio
The ratio between the width and sidewall (or height) of the tire. Tires with lower aspect ratios, usually found on sports models, provide superior handling but a harsher ride.
Assigned Risk Plan
A risk that must be insured by state law or otherwise.
A sponsor that puts up a small amount of money for a race team, and consequently gets its name on a less visible area of the car (such as the rear bumper, or the B-pillar between the side windows).
Atmo Engines
Engines which use natural (or atmospheric) air flow as opposed to forced induction. NASCAR, Formula One and NHRA Pro Stock cars use "atmo" engines while Indy and NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car engines have forced induction.
A safety device used on IRL cars made of carbon fiber and honeycombed aluminum mounted on the rear of the gearbox. Enhances driver protection by absorbing much of the force of a rear impact.
The rate at which cars drop out of a race, due to mechanical failure or wrecks. Attrition is said to be high when few of the cars that start a race finish it.
Austrailian Pursuit
An odd form of racing which was popular in the early days of stock car racing, but has just about disappeared now. In Austrailian pursuit, each car that is passed by any other car during the race is black-flagged and eliminated from the race. The winner is the last car left on the track (or the first car to finish out of those remaining after a certain number of laps). Austrailian pursuit is usually considered to be a novelty event.
Auto Mall
Several Dealership operations located on one site.
A gymkhana: sometimes used to mean a gymkhana that allows greater speed than usual.
Automatic Locking Retractor
Standard on 1995 and later models, this device is built into the shoulder belt retractor and keeps the belt cinched tightly, which is essential for properly securing a child-safety seat.
Automatic Temperature Control (Atc)
Automatically controls a vehicle's heating and cooling systems, maintaining a temperature preset by the occupant.
Automatic Transmission
A transmission that shifts its own gears according to the prevailing speed, load, and road condition. Also called automatic gearbox. Operation can be electrical or hydraulic.
All Wheel Drive Club - 4x4 and off-road club.
Awesome Bill from Dawsonville
Aka Bill Elliott, a nickname coined during his 11-win Winston Million-winning season of 1985.
Ax, Autocross
Single car competition against the clock. Best time for 1 lap wins..
A rotating metal shaft connected to the wheels on either side of the vehicle.
Axle, Live or Ridged
A "solid" or "straight" axle that allows the movement of one wheel to affect the opposite wheel. A live axle is inexpensive to manufacture and is useful for heavy duty applications.
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