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Jack Man
The member of the pit crew who operates the jack during pit stops.
(Slang) An old, dilapidated automobile.
Jerico Transmission
A type of manual transmission, designed so that most gear shifts can be accomplished without using the clutch (except for shifting into gear from a dead stop). It accomplishes this trick using "dog-ring" shifters and straight-cut gears that can be mated at different speeds without clashing (much).
When air is sent at a high velocity through the carburetor, jets direct the fuel into the airstream. Jets are made slightly larger to make a richer mixture or slightly smaller to make a more lean mixture, depending on track and weather conditions.
Joint Tenancy
Ownership that is shared by two or more persons.
A racing fuel blend.
To start before the signal is given; usually in drag racing.
Jumped the Restart
When a driver takes off too early while anticipating the restart. The driver is black flagged and assessed a "Stop And Go" penalty.
Jumping the Restart
When a driver anticipates the restart and takes off too early. This driver is black flagged and is forced to the pits as a penalty.
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