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Kamm Back
Named for the German aerodynamicist W. Kamm, who discovered that drag begins to increase after the rear of a car's cross-sectional area is reduced to 50 percent of the car's maximum cross section.
A very small, open-frame (no bodywork) single-seat car powered by a low-displacement engine similar to (but more powerful than) a lawnmower engine.
Kept Busy
A driver is distracted (or kept busy) by another driver who is relentlessly pursuing.
Keyless Entry
A system for locking and unlocking doors of a vehicle with a central locking system without using the key. Usually, the user controls the locks by pressing a button on a remote key-fob transmitter. Some vehicles have electronic combination locks on the doors near the handle.
Kick a Leg Out of Bed
An engine breaks a connecting rod which penetrates the engine block and ends a driver's day. Announcers describe this as the engine "blowing up."
Kilometers Per Hour (Kph)
Multiply by 0.621 to convert to miles per hour.
The unofficial title given retired racer Richard Petty. Petty has a career high of seven NASCAR driving championships and a record setting 200 separate victories on the track.
King Hiro
Nickname given to Hiro Matsushita by Emerson Fittipaldi, at least, part of the name. Legend has it that Emmo complained to his crew on the radio, who only heard him saying "---king Hiro."
Bend in track of considerably less than 90 degrees.
Kit Car
A vehicle that is designed for assembly by the private hobbyist.
Kitty Litter
The sand and gravel on the side of road courses near turns, to slow cars headed toward a fence or barrier.
A single wing nut for fastening a wheel to the hub. Easily removed and replaced, it is struck (knocked off) with a mallet on the wings.
Kulwicki Victory Lap
After winning a race the driver takes the victory lap but does so by running the opposite way around the track, with the driver's side of the car next to the fans. First done by Alan Kulwicki, this 'backwards' victory lap became known as taking a 'Kulwicki' victory, as a tribute to the late Kulwicki, who died in 1994.
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