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Named Insured
The person or company that is designated as the insured.
The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. The sanctioning body for many racing series' including, but not limited to, Winston Cup, Busch Grand National, and Craftsman Supertruck. NASCAR creates and enforces rules to ensure that cars racing against each other are evenly matched and as safe as possible. NASCAR also establishes the racing schedule and location of races that determine the racing season.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa)
The federal agency that creates safety regulations for cars and trucks, crash-tests them, and analyzes safety-related defects that may require recalls.
Negative Equity
The amount owed on a vehicle loan is greater than its market value.
Failure to use a certain degree of care.
To bump lightly against another car, usually from behind and often on purpose, as a warning or a bit of psychology. Very common in NASCAR racing.
A term drivers use when referring to how their car is handling. When a car is neither loose nor pushing (tight).
New Car Assessment Program (Ncap)
One of several crash-test programs run by NHTSA. Cars are crashed head-on into a rigid barrier at 35 mph, and instrumented dummies measure crash forces endured by properly restrained occupants. NHTSA assigns each tested vehicle a score indicating the likelihood of moderate, severe or fatal injury.
New Spacer
Term used for a new engine because it fills the space between the chassis and transmission.
National Hot Rod Association. The senior association that sanctions several categories of drag races. The four professional divisions are Top Fuel, Pro Stock, Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle.
Nissan Motorsport Engineering - Nissan's motorsport division
Short for nitromethane, an oxygen-containing exotic fuel.
A mixture of nitric acid and methane which is used to fuel TOP Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars; is also called nitro or top fuel.
Short for nitrous oxide (N2O), the same stuff that the dentist puts you to sleep with. When injected into an internal-combusion engine, it provides extra oxygen (being about 35% oxygen, as opposed to air which is 21% oxygen), and gives the engine a BIG boost in power.
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide is comprised of 2 parts nitrogen and one part oxygen (36% oxygen by weight). When the nitrous oxide is heated it breaks down and releases extra oxygen, However, it is not this oxygen alone which creates additional power, but the ability of this oxygen to burn more fuel. By burning more fuel, higher cylinder pressures are created and this is where most of the additional power is realized. Illegal to use in any NASCAR stock car series. Both A.J. Foyt's and Darrell Waltrip's qualifying times in the 1976 Daytona 500 were thrown out because of evidence of Nitrous Oxide use.
No-Fault Insurance
A type of insurance where both parties in an accident file claims regardless of fault.
Trade name of Du Pont, a fire-resistant fabric used in the manufacturing of protective clothing.
The termination of the insurance policy at the expiration date.
Normally Aspirated
An engine that intakes air or "breathes" without the assistance of a supercharger or turbocharger.
Nosing Over
When a race car's performance (usually acceleration) "flattens out" or doesn't pull down the straights any more, which could be because of poor tuning or exceeding the engine's power range.
Not Classified
Competitor did not finish race.
Novice License
License issued after successful completion of driver school. See Full Competition License.
Novice Permit
Paperwork that shows you are an MC club member and have turned in a physical exam form. Required to enter wheel-to-wheel driver school.
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