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Quarter Midgets of America, the original national sanctioning body for quarter midgets. QMA has produced many of today's modern stars, such as Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Vasser, Kenny Irwin, and most of the top USAC contenders.
An early type of light, four-wheeled automobile using bicycle wheels and a frame of steel tubes.
Qualifiers or Quallies
Softer compound tires designed for qualifying only because they provide excellent traction but only for a very short amount of time.
During designated sessions, teams must meet established lap times to qualify for (or enter) a race based on a predetermined number of spots available.
The competition among drivers to determine the starting line up or starting grid of a race. The driver with the fastest lap earns the pole position, the second highest lap speed gets the outside pole position, other starting positions are filled accordingly. Since there is a limited number of starting spots available a driver may fail to qualify for the race.
Quarter Midget
A scaled down version of a full midget, with about an 80-inch wheelbase, the size of a go-kart. Unlike go-karts, they have full suspensions. Most classes run on standard gasoline, but the top class AA engines burn alcohol. Quarter midgets have two sanctioning bodies, Quarter Midgets of America and Junior Sprint Cars of America. QMA restricts drivers from 5 to 16 years of age, while JSCA allows drivers to race until they're 19 years old.
Quarter Panel
The sheet metal on both sides of the car from the C-post to the rear bumper below the deck lid and above the wheel well.
Quick Change Rear End
A type of rear end which is designed so that the gear set can quickly be changed with another set having a different drive ratio, without removing the rear end from the car.
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