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Umbrella Liability Policy
A liability coverage that goes above and beyond the normal coverage.
Brought in if the agency and policyholder don't agree on the amount of loss or damage to a property.
Understeer occurs when the front wheels provide less steering than desired in a given direction. Usually the front wheels have lost adhesion and cannot steer effectively. This results in the vehicle "pushing" ahead and responding sluggishly to the steering wheel. Reducing speed can allow the front wheels to regain traction. Most vehicles are designed to exhibit understeer in normal conditions, because it is easier to control than oversteer.
A person who is trained to evaluate risks and determines rates for policies based on those risks.
The process of verifying data and approving a loan.
Unearned Premium
The portion of an advanced premium that has not been used for coverage.
Unidirectional Tire
Tire whose tread pattern is designed to get optimum traction only when the tire is mounted to roll in one direction.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Insurance which pays for costs resulting from a hit-and-run or an accident with an uninsured motorist.
A driver down one lap passes the leader to regain position on the lead lap.
Unsprung Weight
The weight of the wheel, tire, and suspension parts that are not supported by the springs. More unsprung weight means more inertia in the suspension, which usually means less responsiveness and poorer handling, so reducing unsprung weight is a major preoccupation of suspension, wheel, and tire designers.
A situation which occurs when the value of your vehicle is lower than the outstanding balance on your vehicle loan. Also called negative equity.
The United States Auto Club was founded in 1955 by Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony Hulman. Ironically, the Indy Racing League, brainchild of Hulman's grandson Tony George, was forced to fire USAC from its officiating role in its races after several embarrassing mistakes. USAC remains the official officiators for many minor open-wheel race series.
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