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A booth or room where the casino cashier resides. Here, you can exchange chips for cash (or vice versa), cash-out coins, place front money, etc. It is called a cage because it is usually enclosed by bars.
Cancellation Betting System
A betting system using a series of numbers that cancels numbers after winning a bet and adds numbers after losing a bet. One specific type of Cancellation System is known as the LaBouchere System.
Capping a Bet
Illegally adding more chips to a bet that has already won. It is a form of Past Posting.
French term for the Corner Bet.
Casino Advantage
The edge, usually shown as a percentage, that the house has over the player. Also called House Edge or Vig.
Casino Host
The person responsible for seeing that high rollers are treated with the dignity and graciousness their wallets merit.
Casino Manager
The person responsible for seeing that the games of a given casino are handled properly
Chameleon Strategy
Looking for players who have been winning and then mimicking their betting patterns in the hope that they will continue to be lucky, have found biased wheels, or are visual wheel trackers.
Chasing Losses
Increasing your bets in order to recoup what you've lost. Not a good way to play.
Check Rack
The tray that hold the chips for a game. Also, known as a chip rack or chip tray.
Another name for chips. Typically, this name is used only by casino operators and employees, and using it may draw undue suspicion to yourself, especially if you are winning.
French for Split bet.
Choppy Game
1. A game where neither the player nor the house has been winning consistently. 2. A game where no discernible streaks nor patterns have been appearing.
There are two forms of Clocking: Wheel Clocking ([1] To keep track of the results of roulette spins to ascertain patterns and possibility of wheel bias. [2] The other is to visually or electronically clock the speed of the wheel in an effort to predict where the ball will land.) and Player Clocking (Watching to see which players have been winning and with what methods in order to use the Chameleon Strategy and mimic their betting patterns.).
Cold Table
Any table where you and/or other players have been losing.
The French term for Column Bet.
Color Up
To exchange smaller denomination chips for larger denomination chips at a table.
Column Bet
A bet on one of the three columns of 12 numbers on the layout. When placing your chips on one of three blank spaces at the bottom of the green you collect if any of those twelve vertical numbers win. Pays 2:1
Combination Bet
Using one or more chips in the same position to wager on more than one number at a time.
Casino "freebies" that are given out for certain levels of betting. Basically, the more money you give them, the more "free things" they'll give you.
Corner Bet
One wager that bets four numbers at the same time. Also known as a Square Bet or a Quarter Bet. Pays off at 8-1.
Credit Line
The amount of credit a player is allowed by a given casino.
Credit Manager
The person in charge of determining casino credits for the player.
Personnel who man a game.
A casino cheat.
French term for roulette wheel operator or dealer.
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