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Gaffed Wheel
A wheel that has been rigged (by either player or the casino).
Gambling Stake
Amount of money reserved for gambling. Same as Bankroll.
A good tipper.
Gland Martingale (System)
Tongue in cheek name for a limited Martingale System of two steps after a predetermined number of even-money decisions has occurred. Not to be confused with Grand Martingale.
Golden Numbers
Numbers that have hit out of all proportion to their probability. Might be an indication that a wheel is biased. With additional wheel and number analysis, Golden Numbers can be relabeled as Biased-Numbers.
Grand Martingale (System)
A variant of the Martingale System where you double your bets and add one extra unit after a loss. See Martingale System.
Chips valued at $25.
A scam artist.
A small money player.
Grind Down
The casino gradually winning all of a player's money due to the advantage it has on bets.
Grind Joint
A casino that caters to Low Rollers or small-money players.
Grind System
[1] Increasing one's bet a unit after each win. [2] Any system that attempts to win small amounts frequently against the casinos.
Guerrilla Gambling
The combination of smart play and hit-and-run tactics to beat the casinos at their own games.
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