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La Bouchere Betting System
A type of Cancellation Betting System where numbers are cancelled out from a user-defined string of numbers after a win and added to the string after a loss. The string of numbers determines the next amount to bet.
The design imprinted on the felt table top with the various bets that can be made.
Layout Strategies
Betting systems and strategies that try to overcome the house edge simply by placing different types of bets, without trying to determine if the wheel or dealer is biased.
Line Bet
A wager that one of six numbers (two rows of three numbers separated by a line on the layout) will win.
Long End of the Bet
The side of the bet that must pay off more than it collects.
Long Run
The extended amount of time during any given session (or through multiple sessions) when number frequency starts to asymptotically approach that which is predicted by probability theory. Also called Long-Term.
Low Bet
A wager that one of the low numbers (1-18) will win the next spin.
Low Roller
A person who bets small stakes.
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