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French term for Low Bet.
An individual who has been or is going to be cheated. A sucker.
The check that a player fills out before receiving casino credit at the table. A promissory note of IOU.
Martingale Betting System
A type of Double-Up System whereby you double your bets after every loss. Meaning that when you win, you'll win back all of your loss, plus the payoff for the original wager. A well known roulette system which dates back over a hundred years.
Match Play
A casino promotion where players are given special chips that they can bet. They are paid off in regular casino chips on a win.
Money at Risk
Money that has been wagered and can be lost.
Money Management
The methods a player uses to save his bankroll from ruin.
Money Plays
The call that alerts the dealer and the pit that you are betting cash and not chips.
Anyone who uses slSeven-of-hand techniques to cheat - usually done for Past Posting.
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