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Evaluating the player's action for the purposes of comps.
Rating Card
The card used for rating a player.
Red Bet
An even-money bet that the next number will be red.
Red Color Bet
When placing your chips on the space marked red you collect if the winning color is red.
Red-Black Bet
An 18 number wager which pays off at 1-1.
Casino chips worth five dollars.
Reverse - Labouchere Betting System
A system of playing the LaBouchere System "in reverse". That is, you cancel numbers after each loss and add them after each win.
Reverse - Martingale Betting System
A system of playing the Martingale System "in reverse". That is, you double-up after each win instead of after each loss.
Rest Room, Food, and Beverage.
Rien Ne Vas Plus
French expression for "no more bets".
French term for Red.
Roulette Rules of Play
The betting layout starts with numbers 0 and 00 at the top, then extends from numbers 1 through 36 at the far end of the table. This area is referred to as the "inside" betting area. Inside bets consist of the following: single number bets, including the 0, 00 and 1 through 36, are made by placing your chip in the center of the number you select. If that number wins you'll receive 35 to 1 for every chip you have bet. Actually, you can pick up a total of 36 chips which includes your original bet. Additional combinations in this "inside" betting area are: one chip on a 6 number bet (pays 5 to 1); one chip on any four connecting numbers (pays 8 to 1); one chip on any connecting group of three numbers (111); one chip place between two connecting numbers (17 to1). The "outside" betting area consists of odd or even bets which pay even money. Red or black also pays even odds. A bet on 1 to 18, or 19 to 36, pays even money. You will get 2 to1 odds if you select the winning number within the first, second or third dozen numbers. The same 2 to 1 odds are given for selecting any of the numbers in the three vertical columns of 12 numbers, located on one end of the betting surface.
Ruin or Element of Ruin
Losing your bankroll. or The probability of losing every penny of your bankroll.
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