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Table Hopping
Moving from table to table in a casino.
Take Down
To recall a wager before a decision.
Tapped Out
To lose one's entire bankroll.
Three Number Bet
A bet that one of three particular numbers will hit on the next spin. You place your bets on the outside line of the green, indicating that you are betting the three numbers opposite the chips going across the layout.
Tiers Du Cylindre
It's a bet on a specific group of numbers on a section of the roulette wheel that are paired neighbors on the layout. This is a French phrase which is common in European casinos.
Another word for tip.
Toke Hustler
A dealer who tries to get players to tip him.
A poor tipper.
Tough Out
The Captain's term for a player who doesn't beat himself.
Transversale Plain
Street: Three Number Bets.
Transversale Simple
French term for a Three Number Bet or Street Bet. Also called a Triple or Trio Bet.
Trio Bet
A combination bet on three numbers at the same time. Same as Street Bet.
French term for a Three Number Bet or Street Bet. Also called a or Trio Bet or Transversale.
True Odds
The actual probability of an event happening.
Twelve Number Bet
A bet on one of the three columns of 12 numbers on the layout. When placing your chips on one of three blank spaces at the bottom of the green you collect if any of those twelve vertical numbers win. Pays 2:1
Two Number Bet
An inside combination bet of two numbers at the same time.
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