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The honor of playing for a national team against another national team. If a player has appeared in five such games, he or she is said to have "five caps."
The player in charge of a team during a match.
One of two backs, an inside center (usually No. 12) and an outside center (usually No. 13).
Charge Down
Blocking a kick by the opponent.
Same as pop kick.
A kick at the goal posts, after a try has been awarded, that scores 2 points. It can be a dropkick or a placekick. If a placekick, the opponents can rush as soon as the kicker moves toward the ball, but a dropkick can't be rushed. The kick is taken from a spot perpendicular to where the try was awarded.
The horizontal bar between the goal posts, which is 3 meters (9 feet, 10 inches) above the ground.
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