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Fair Catch
A player may make a fair catch by catching the ball cleanly from a kick by the opposing side and calling "Mark!" He must have at least one foot on the ground behind his side's 22-meter line or within the in-goal area. A free kick is usually awarded from the spot of the catch, at the referee's discretion.
The act of rolling the ball into the scrum by the scrumhalf.
The most commonly played form of rugby, with 15 players on a side and two halves of 40 minutes each.
First 5/8th
Another name for the flyhalf.
Another name for a rugby match.
One of two forwards, who usually wear No. 6 and 7. The flanker binds on the outside of the scrum. Also known as wing forward or breakaway.
The back, usually No. 10, who calls plays for the back row and normally receives the ball from the scrumhalf. Also known as the outhalf, outside half or 1st 5/8th.
One of a group of eight players, usually Nos. 1 through 8, who bind together in scrums, line up for lineouts, and are in most rucks and mauls.
Forward Pass
A pass that goes to a player who's ahead of the ball; illegal in rugby.
Among the fouls in rugby are: Striking, hacking, kicking, or tripping an opponent; making a dangerous tackle; willfully charging, obstructing, or grabbing an opponent who doesn't have the ball; a deliberate knock-on or forward pass.
Free Kick
An uncontested kick, usually awarded for a minor penalty by the opponents. Except as a drop goal, a free kick cannot be taken directly at the goal posts.
Front Row
The combination of two props and the hooker at the front of a scrum.
The back, usually No. 15, who typically plays deep behind the back line and is responsible for covering downfield kicks by the opponents.
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