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The eight forwards when they are bound for a scrum. It consists of three front row players, two second row players, and three back row players.
Penalty Kick
An uncontested kick awarded for a major infraction. It can be taken directly on goal and is worth 3 points if successful.
Penalty Try
A try that is awarded because the opposing side committed a flagrant violation to prevent an obvious try from being scored.
The rugby field is a maximum of 100 meters long, from try-line to try-line, and 70 meters wide. At each end of the field is an in-goal area, no more than 22 meters long. The field is marked by a half-way line, two 10-meter lines and two 22-meter lines, and by two dotted hash marks, each 5 meters from the sideline and extending from goal-line to goal-line. There is a set of goal posts on each try-line.
Place Kick
A kick made with the ball resting on the ground, in an indention in the ground, on a small pile of sand, or on a kicking tee. A place kick is used for kickoffs, penalty kicks, and conversion kicks.
Pop Kick
A short, high kick, usually over the head of a nearby defender.
One of two forwards, who usually wear No. 1(the loosehead prop) and No. 3 (The tighthead prop.) They support the hooker during scrums.
A kick on which the ball is dropped and kicked before it reaches the ground. A goal cannot be scored with a punt.
Pushover Try
A try that's scored by the pack in a scrumdown by pushing the opposition back across the goal line while dragging the ball along.
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