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A formation used to restart play after a knock-on or forward pass, or at any time when ordered by the referee. Forwards on each side bind and the two groups come together, with the front rows interlocking to leave a tunnel between them. The scrumhalf of the non-offending team feeds the ball into the tunnel from 1 meter away, midway between the front rows. The hookers attempt to get the ball out to a back. The scrum ends when the ball is out of the tunnel and in possession of a player on either team.
The process of bringing a scrum together.
The back, usually No. 9, who feeds the ball into the scrum and tries to retrieve the ball from mauls, rucks, and scrums. Also called the halfback.
The entire process of setting and completing a scrum.
Second 5/8th
Another name for a center.
Second Row
The two locks, when in a scrum.
The expulsion of a player from a match. The side has to play one person short and the player sent off is typically banned for at least one further match. A sendoff may result from a flagrant or malicious foul, or from repeated fouls.
A version of rugby with only seven players on a side, typically three forwards and four backs. A half is usually only seven minutes long.
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