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The act of grabbing a player who has the ball and bringing him to the ground.
A good catch of a kick.
A penalty kick on which the player taps the ball with the foot, then picks it up and passes it to a teammate.
Ten Meter Line
One of the solid lines running across the field, 10 meters from the try-line.
A version of rugby with only ten players on a side. A half is usually ten minutes long.
A match between two national teams.
Tight Five
The front and second rows, considered as a unit.
The No. 3 prop in a scrum. See also loosehead; prop.
The ball is said to be in touch when it contacts or crosses a touch line, or when the player carrying the ball steps out of bounds.
Touch Judge
An official located on the side of the pitch to mark the spot where balls go out of touch and to judge kicks at goal. The touch judge may also call the referee's attention to violent infractions.
A line that runs the length of the pitch and marks the side boundary.
A score, worth 5 points, that's awarded when the ball is touched down by a player on the attacking side after it has been carried or kicked across the try-line. The scoring team is also awarded a conversion kick.
A goal line, which extends across the pitch. The try-lines are a maximum of 100 meters apart.
The gap between the opposing front rows in a scrum or between the two lines of forwards in a lineout.
Twenty-Two Meter Dropout
A kick from the 22-meter line, used to restart play after a missed penalty kick or drop goal has passed the dead-ball line or been touched down by a defending player. The ball is kicked back to the original attacking side.
Twenty-Two Meter Line
One of the solid lines running across the field, 22 meters from the try-line.
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