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To slowly loosen a line while maintaining control, such as when loosening the sails.
Ease the Sheets
To loosen the lines that control the sails.
One of the 4 cardinal compass points. East is at 90 on a compass card.
East Wind, Easterly Wind
A wind coming from the east.
Ebb, Ebb Tide
The falling tide when the water moves out to the sea and the water level lowers.
Echo Sounder
An electrical fish finder or depth sounder that uses sound echoes to locate the depth of objects in water. It does so by timing the sound pulses.
Water or air currents flowing in circular patterns.
Electronic Navigation
The use of echo sounders, radio, and various electronic satellite and land based position finders to determine a boat's location.
Emergancy Tiller
A tiller that is designed to be used in the event that wheel steering fails.
The national flag of a boat's home nation.
Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. An emergency device that uses a radio signal to alert satellites or passing airplanes to a vessel's position.
An imaginary line around the center of the world at 0 of latitude.
Estimated Position
A position based on dead reckoning estimations of a boat's position using estimated speed, currents, and the last known position (fix) of the boat.
Eye of the Wind
The direction that the wind is blowing from.
Eye Splice
A splice causing a loop in the end of a line, by braiding the end into itself or similar methods. It may or may not be reinforced by a metal fitting known as a thimble.
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