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A stick with a blade at the end used to row a rowboat. Oars are different than paddles because they have a provision to be secured to the rowboat for rowing, such as an oarlock.
A device to attach oars to a rowboat, allowing the operator to row rather than paddle the boat.
Observed Position
A position or fix determined by observing landmarks or other objects to find the position.
Occulting Lights
A navigational light which turns on and off in a regular pattern, but is on more than it is off. The opposite of a blinking light.
(1) The large body of salt water covering seven tenths of the earth. (2) The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic Oceans.
Off the Wind
Sailing with the wind coming from the stern or quarter of the boat.
Away from land, toward the water. See inland.
Offshore Wind
Wind that is blowing away from the land, towards the water.
On the Beam
To the side of the boat at right angles, abeam.
On the Bow
To the bow of the boat, forward of the beam.
On the Quarter
To the stern of the boat, aft of the beam.
On the Wind
Sailing close hauled. Sailing toward the wind as much as possible with the wind coming from the bow.
A location that is not sheltered from the wind and seas. An open location would not make a good anchorage.
Out of Trim
Sails that are not properly arranged for the point of sail that the boat is on. The sails may be luffing or have improper sail shape, or the boat may be heeling too much. These conditions will slow the boat down.
On the side of the hull that the water is on. Outboard engines are sometimes just called outboards.
Outboard Engine
An engine used to power a small boat. Outboard engines are mounted on a bracket aft of the stern of the boat.
A line used to tension the foot of a sail, used to maintain proper sail shape.
A floatation device attached to one or both sides of the hull to help prevent a capsize.
Overall Length
The total length of the boat, including any object protruding from the bow or the stern. Also known as LOA.
In the water outside of the vessel.
Dangerously steep and breaking seas due to opposing currents and wind in a shallow area.
The area of the bow or stern which hangs over the water.
A line that becomes improperly wrapped over itself and fouls a winch.
Owner's Flag
A boat owner's private pennant.
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