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Australian Professional Ski Instructors Inc., the body that trains and certifies Alpine ski instructors in Australia.
The Australian Ski Federation, now Ski Australia.
Alpine Camber
A slight camber built into Alpine skis so that they're relatively rigid, allowing more maneuverability on slopes. See also double camber; Nordic camber.
Alpine Combined
A competitive event that combines results from one downhill run and two slalom runs.
Alpine Skiing
The term used to distinguish downhill from Nordic skiing, and includes the disciplines of Alpine ski-touring, downhill racing, freestyle, giant slalom, special slalom, and recreational skiing (on or off prepared pistes). Alpine skis have bindings that fix both the toe and the heel to the ski.
A body position used to maintain balance whilst edging and skiing downhill, by pushing the knees and hips up into the slope, and tilting the head and upper body to lean out.
Animal Skating
See diagonal skating.
A twisting, or pre-rotation of the upper torso into the direction of the intended turn. The movement creates tension of the body, which aids turning of the skis at the start of the turn. Followed with counter-rotation.
Asymmetrical V-Skating
See two skating.
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