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The Fédération Internationale de Ski, (International Ski Federation) and the ruling body of international ski competition.
Fall Line
The fastest route down a ski slope, but not necessarily the straightest.
The line a snow-ball would take down a given slope -- the steepest, shortest, and fastest line down any given slope.
Fan Method
A more traditional method of teaching downhill turning techniques whereby the student gradually decreases their angle of approach to the fall-line with each successive attempt to produce a single turn.
Finnish Step
See half skating.
Five Phase
A transition from diagonal stride to a double-pole variant, this technique is achieved by resting both arms in front of the body (as in four phase), and then either double poling from this position and bringing the feet together (faster), or first striding onto one foot and then double poling and bringing the feet together .
Flat Ski
A ski held parallel to the surface of the snow, with neither edge closer than the other.
The flexibility of a ski, due partly to the camber and partly to the materials used. A ski with little flex is better for hard-packed snow and Alpine skiing, while more flex is desirable for softer, deeper snow and most cross country skiing.
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Four Phase
Also known as double-arm resting; whilst diagonal striding, the skier rests both arms in front of the body, rather than planting both poles sequentially for two push-offs.
Free Skating
Also known as tuck skating, or downhill skating, or speed skating, this is skating (mostly downhill, and on the flat -- rarely uphill) without the use of poles, and sometimes in a tuck. The more exotic arm movements seen in the mid-1980's (such as kombi skating) are less favoured these days.
Freestyle Cross Country
A cross country race in which skiers are allowed to use any technique, including skating.
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