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A combination of side-slipping and traversing, used as a practice exercise, often used by Alpine ski instructors.
A pair of flags set on flexible poles through which a skier must pass in Alpine events.
Gate Controller
One of several officials who ensure that racers pass the slalom gates correctly.
A German word meaning terrain-jump, generally performed with a push off both poles.
Giant Slalom
A type of race similar to the slalom, but with fewer and wider turns that require the skier to spend a lot of time going across the hill rather than down it. Each skier makes two runs, on two different courses, and the fastest cumulative time determines the winner.
Glide Wax
A wax that decreases the friction between the skis and the snow, which is applied to the entire ski for freestyle races, but only to the tails and tips for classical races. Compare grip wax.
Glide Waxes
A paraffin wax applied to the running surface of the skis to enhance glide. See also skating wax.
Granular Surface
Ungroomed snow that isn't fresh powder; it's made up of tiny pellets of icy snow.
The part of a ski pole that the skier grasps.
Grip Wax
A wax that increases the friction between the skis and the snow. It's applied to the middle section of the ski for classical races. Compare glide wax.
Grip Waxes
A tacky, petroleum-based wax, normally sold in small aluminium tubs, used for grip on fresh snow. Also known as hard waxes.
To prepare a course or run by smoothing it with machinery, allowing more consistent skiing.
Gundersen Competition
A Nordic combined event in which the jumping competition is held first. Differences in jumping points are converted into time differences for the cross country starting order, with the winner of the jumping portion starting first.
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