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K Point
The distance on a ski jump equivalent to the height of the hill. A jump that reaches the k point is worth 60 points. Each meter over or under that distance decreases or increases the score by 2 points. On a normal hill, the k point is 90 meters from the takeoff; on a large hill, it's 120 meters away.
Kick Double-Pole
An ambiguous term used to describe stride double-pole.
Kick Turn
An about-face turn whilst stationary, by lifting one ski and reversing its direction, followed by the other ski.
Kick Wax
See grip wax.
A tacky, resinous ester mixture, normally sold in aluminium toothpaste-type tubes, used for grip on icy, refrozen or wet snow.
A very tacky grip wax, normally sold in small aluminium tubs, that is used for grip on fresh, but wet snow.
Kombi Skating
A less-used variation of free skating, whereby the poles are pointed straight ahead, under the shoulders, with or without an arm swing.
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