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Any non-pisted area of skiable, and also un-patrolled snow. See also piste.
Offset Edges
Metal edges that are slightly protruding from the sidewall of a ski (but not the base) to allow for sharpening and tuning without damaging the sidewall.
Offset Skating
Also known as uphill two-skating, or open-field skating, or offset V-skating,or V-1 off-timing, this is two skating with a staggered (offset) pole plant on one side.
One Skating
Also known as symmetrical V—skating, or V-2 skating. This technique is a double-pole push with every skate (i.e. to the left and the right).
One-Skate Double-Pole
See one skating.
Open Turning
Parallel turning with a wide-track stance, as opposed to the traditional 'knees-and-ankles-bolted-together' stance.
Turning (usually whilst in a low crouch) on the inside ski, with the outside ski extended outwards and off the snow.
A flat area at the bottom of the hill where skiers can come to a gradual stop.
Skiing too far around in each turn so that the skier loses momentum, caused generally by over-rotation of the upper body, or insufficient counter-rotation.
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