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A cross country race among teams made up of four skiers, each of whom races one of the four legs. Legs are generally 5, 7.5, or 10 kilometers long. The first two are skied classical style and the last two are freestyle.
A mechanism that detaches the ski binding from the boot, when a certain amount of force is applied, to help prevent injury after a fall.
Reverse Camber
When a great deal of pressure is applied to a ski, the ski will lose its natural arch, or camber, and will distort into the opposite direction, bowing downwards in the mid-section, rather than upwards. This aids turning, and also gripping.
Running Groove
The long groove cut into the base of most skis to allow straight running and stability at speed.
Russian Dance
A classical double-pole push followed by one to four skate steps prior to the next pole action, as a method a relaxing the upper body. Can be used with half skating.
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